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  1. mrTbeer

    Mash berry

    Haven't tried this yet but will be looking into it.
  2. mrTbeer

    Pimp My TapKing

    Website created by sunnybrew is worth a look. More streamlined than my first go as the reg is bolted to top rather than hanging from top. Inox food grease is also good tip. Best bit is using a barb threaded for body of reg instead of searching for a barb threaded for adapter piece. Videos also...
  3. mrTbeer

    Voice of the Velvet underground Lou Reed dies.

    I was a fan of Velvet Underground back in my Uni days. I thought I'd found something new back then, haha. Admittedly a liver transplant would've been more use in a kid than a 70yo. The health industry spends a fortune keeping oldies alive that don't know or care. More bang for your buck spending...
  4. mrTbeer

    Pimp My TapKing

    1/4" OD hose might be close enough to the hose currently inside TK. Do away with the larger hose altogether.
  5. mrTbeer

    Using 8g CO2 soda bulbs in your Tap King

    Yeah that'd be good as you'd be able to leave the reg on the same pressure without dialing in each time.
  6. mrTbeer

    Internet speeds. What do you get?

    5Mbps / 0.5Mbps Internode ADSL2+ Asymmetry sux! 15Mbps/15Mbps Telstra iPhone
  7. mrTbeer

    Pimp My TapKing

    John Guest make an MFL thread.
  8. mrTbeer

    Using 8g CO2 soda bulbs in your Tap King

    Diggs you've taken that out of context. 16g can be changed. 8g and 12g cannot.
  9. mrTbeer

    Using 8g CO2 soda bulbs in your Tap King

    The 12g can't be purchased from stores at least not that I've found, only online. 8g are stocked at more places including Kitchen stores and even some convenience stores (cheaper). 16g are also stocked at bike shops and brew shops. Advantage other than size is that it can be changed part way...
  10. mrTbeer

    2013 Hop Plantations, Show Us Your Hop Garden!

    Starting small. First Goldings rhizome has popped up on the balcony. Will transfer into ground this week and get strung out. Mentioned it to a friend and turns out her parents are hop farmers in the UK. They're building another timber oast house and have emailed some pics. Rhizome courtesy of...
  11. mrTbeer

    Mytton Rodd keg 22L ball lock

    No all gone sorry.
  12. mrTbeer

    Lion introduces "Tap King" - party keg / growlers

    First time naturally carbonating in PET (normally glass or kegs or force-carbed TK) I went 7g/L dex and after a week they're as hard as the hobs of hell! I hope that's normal?? Also stuff all head-space as the protruding chamber lid pushed out most of the air. If you don't hear from me again...
  13. mrTbeer

    This guy is taking home brew to a whole new level

    I eat two hops in the morning, I eat two hops at night. I eat two hops in the afternoon, It makes me feel all right. I eat two hops in time of peace, And two in time of war. I eat two hops before I eat two hops, And then I eat two more.
  14. mrTbeer

    Pimp My TapKing

    I'm told 1/8" BSP male to 6mm tail also works. Not tested yet but... Try: air compressors, total tools, bearing shop, autobarn
  15. mrTbeer


    I'm a fan also, a bloke in my suburb in London (years ago) made it and got it in Tesco. Now I can buy it at Woolies, stoked.
  16. mrTbeer

    Guy finds his house plumbed with beer

    4 times on here plus a few on Facebook and a couple emails. Good gag and good marketing.
  17. mrTbeer

    Using 8g CO2 soda bulbs in your Tap King

    Although sealed from beer, the coins are open to moisture in fridge air as are the Original TK bulbs. I noticed after rinsing one sealed lid there were a few drops of water inside. Maybe inconsequential but possible infection especially from copper coins. Non food safe bulbs don't worry me too...
  18. mrTbeer

    Using 8g CO2 soda bulbs in your Tap King

    Next I will hacksaw the end of a spent 12g to make a wedge and save 35c in coins. The No2 bulbs at NightOwl are same size as 8g Co2 bulbs, in theory you've just figured out a way to pour Guinness through the TK. Might be wrong there these ones are N not NO2, cool website...
  19. mrTbeer

    Using 8g CO2 soda bulbs in your Tap King

    Got there eventually by following your pics, not sure best way to do chamfer i used a pen knife but it looks tight. Here's a pic with 8,12,16g bulbs. 8g loaded ready to go. 12g is spent but loaded in normal TK way. 16g is just for scale, it's too fat to go in. I've been using the 16g external...