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  1. sjp770

    When to dry hop

    I have a batch on at the moment that started at 1.055 into the fermenter and 9 days laterits at 1.030. How would you say it's traveling and when would be a good time to dry hop? I'm testing using a spunding valve instead of a traditional bubble trap so I can see it has a bit of pressure but not...
  2. sjp770

    Ss Brewtech Chronical half barrel 17gal

    Ss Brewtech Chronical half barrel 17gal fermenter. $700 pickup Cootamundra NSW or plus post.
  3. sjp770

    Incomplete fermentation -fix?

    I brewed a pale ale and made the mistake of just thinking two weeks was enough time without checking. So I cold crashed to 4c then racked to kegs. When I did this I checked the FG and it was 1.018. I've sampled the beer and it tastes more like a fruit juice than a nicely hopped beer.. Now that...
  4. sjp770

    Three weeks later 1.029 - Still going?

    So im doing an all grain APA, two weeks in to ferment I checked it. Didnt smell like beer (compared to the 1 week mark where it smelt beautiful) and had a strong smell almost like alcohol? It measured 1.029 at 16c with the refractometer. I thought it was dead so I left it. Came back a week later...
  5. sjp770

    How suitable are 30L Soda Kegs for home brew?

    I've seen these here: Are they any good for home brew? It says recommended carbonation range 35-40psi
  6. sjp770

    TLZ10 Temp controller issue w/ pt100

    I have an old TLZ10 Temp controller from a Sfiligoi chiller. It has a NTC temp probe and will switch 16A, cooling OR heating. I am trying to hook up a PTC 100 temp probe that I got off ebay, I have had it working on a Sestos PID so I know the probe is ok. When I hook it up to the TLZ10 it comes...
  7. sjp770

    Starting an Electric Brew control panel for AG brewing

    So I've started down the long road of starting up an All Grain brewery and I'm the sort of person that HAS to go electric. So what will follow is a list of the parts I've bought. I will update with prices and places bought at a later date. This will be closely based on
  8. sjp770

    Anyone using an Auber JSL-73B?

    I'm building up an Electronic brewery and instead of the Omega timer I bought this one from Auber Instruments: Here is a pic of one in use: From here...
  9. sjp770

    Whats the best way to cut open a keg?

    So I managed to get some 50L kegs for HERMS (eventually) and im wondering the best and neatest way to cut them open? They are already de gassed. I have an angle grinder and dremel, but no other cutting powertools / fancy oxy torch etc. Also on a side note, considering kegs are always the...