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  1. gone brewing

    Central Coast Homebrew Club meeting: 18th April.

    This month we meet on 18th April at The Esplanade, Ettalong Beach and it's hosted by a new member, Thomas. It's from 3-5pm and you can PM me for the address. There will be the usual beer, food etc. Anyone in? :cheers:
  2. gone brewing

    Central Coast Homebrew club meeting: 21st Feb.

    It's about time we had another meeting and I'm happy to host it, so Glenning Valley is the place to be on 21st Feb, 3-5pm. PM me if you need the address. There will be the usual beer, food and bullshit. I've also got a very special beer for you all to try. It's called "nail polish remover"...
  3. gone brewing

    Central Coast Brewers meeting: 15th November

    Any interest in having a meeting this month? The 15th would be the 3rd Sunday of the month. @n87 @Mikey R @Stephen2257 Anyone want to host? Also it seems that AHB have changed the layout for sub-forums so that if you were getting notifications for the club page, that's now gone and you...
  4. gone brewing

    The Aussie champion walks amongst us!!!

    I only just checked the results for the Aussie comp for this year. Congratulations n87! What a great result. If you missed it, check out the link...
  5. gone brewing

    Next meeting: 19th November

    Time to firm some plans up for the next meeting. The meeting will be on the peninsula, with the location to be advised later. 2pm to 5pm as usual. Attendees: gone brewing Maybes: ? Note: The 19th isn't going to be good for some with the Warner's Festival on and we did discuss changing the...
  6. gone brewing

    Anyone kegging or have a Braumeister/Grainfather

    Hey guys I have a mate who lives at Umina who's been brewing a while and is looking to go to kegging and is also thinking of investing in a Braumeister or Grainfather, so he can save some time on brew day and bottling. I'm putting the word out for him if any locals are doing these things and...
  7. gone brewing

    8th Feb 2015 - get together at Long Jetty

    This email was sent to everyone on the cccb mailing list. Best to post replies here for everyone to see: Hey brewers, There’s been a bit of discussion on AHB about having another meeting and we got as far as picking a time and date. We will meet at the park at Long Jetty on Sunday 8th Feb at...
  8. gone brewing

    Fridge For Sale, Central Coast

    I have a fridge that I was using as a fermenting fridge (also runs fine when run as a normal fridge is, eg when cc'ing) that I I am selling (you pick up from central coast) for $50. It is an old fridge with some light rust on the outside and some brackets for shelves on the inside are missing -...
  9. gone brewing


    This is a review of the biggest selling beer in the world - Snow. Haven't heard of it?? Apparently in 2008 it overtook Bud Light to become the world's biggest selling beer (now that's gotta put you on the map). Here's a link to Wiki... They brew 61...