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  1. tiprya

    Racking beer from tap - how to avoid foaming?

    Hey guys, I rarely rack my beer to secondary, only for longer term ageing and to add fruit etc but I always have a bit of a problem. I use jerry's for primary, and a 1/2" hose fits perfectly over the tap - but it is very wide compared to the flow of beer. So if I run the tap at a low speed...
  2. tiprya

    Yeast starter smells sour

    I'm building up some 1469, and the yeast sample I built up from the fridge smelt a bit sour, but I thought that might just be due to some autolysis. After stepping it up, I still get sour notes on the nose. Life's too short to take the chance right - chuck it at and get a fresh smack pack...
  3. tiprya

    Connect tap fitting to copper chiller

    Just after some confirmation here before I order. I have a copper chiller that currently uses vinyl tube held on with hose clamps. I want to put an outdoor tap fitting onto it so I can connect it up to the hose. Is this the right fitting? (the OD of my copper line is 3/8")...
  4. tiprya

    FREE - 46 CUB/Tooheys longnecks - Redfern NSW

    Hey Guys, I'm moving, so I'm getting rid of all my non-coopers longneck bottles. I've got about: 32xCUB 750ml 14xTooheys 750ml Plus 20 odd clear glass IKEA 1L water bottles with swing tops (if you want them). They have a bit of dust on them, but are otherwise clean. They have to be picked up...
  5. tiprya

    Keg King Kegerator - Gas Manifold Or Splitter

    Hey Guys, I'm going to get a Keg King kegerator with 3 taps. The only thing I haven't figured out is how to split my gas. Ideally I would get a 3-way manifold - but they look pretty big and bulky, I'm not sure if they will fit in there along with 3 kegs, the small gas bottle and the regulator...
  6. tiprya

    Hose Types For Immersion Chiller

    I have a copper immersion chiller, and I'm looking to extend the input and output hoses. It currently has vinyl hoses - is that the same as PVC hose? PVC doesn't seem to be able to handle the temperature of boiling wort - or is it fine for the 10-15 minutes that the wort is >70 degrees? Just...
  7. tiprya

    Wyeast 1214 - Bubblegum/banana

    G'day, I was planning on bottling my Belgian Dubbel and had a quick taste last night. I got a fairly noticable amount of bubblegum especially, and some banana. As per BLAM, I built an appropriate starter and fermented at 18 for the first two days, then let the ferment rise naturally. It...
  8. tiprya

    Willow Jerry - Where Can I Buy A Tap?

    Just picked up a blue 20L Willow jerry can and it didn't come with a tap. Where can I buy one so I can run my bottling wand off it? Cheers.
  9. tiprya

    Bar Freezer As Fermentation Fridge?

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a fermentation fridge that isnt too big - is it ok to use a bar freezer (small upright freezer ~120L) for this? I'd be using it with a STC-1000 to keep the temperature at 18 degrees. Do the compressors mind being only turned on every now and then or am I better...