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  1. Brocksmith

    Selling my Full Brew and kegging set up - 3 Vessel all grain, cornie kegs, co2 cylinder and lots more. Located in Brisbane

    All grain brewing and kegging gear to be sold together only Selling for $900 or add $100 if you want the frame as well. Has been stored for a few years but everything is still in good condition will just need a thorough clean. Includes HLT with thermostat slot and sight gauge. Currently has a...
  2. Brocksmith

    First Brew, Porter Suggestions And Help

    So this is the recipe I'm hopefully lining up for my first brew, I'm aiming for a nice robust porter something along the lines of bridge rd's and wicked Elfs offerings with a bit of fresher hop to it as well. I basically came up with this recipe myself so any help would be appreciated also it's...
  3. Brocksmith

    Salted Pale Ale Ideas?

    Hey all, I'm relatively new to this forum or posting at least, and am a few weeks away from putting the finishing touches on my first ag rig. I've put a few brews through on a friends gear and have started wondering about some recipes for my own when it is ready, (i have about 10 already, as...