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  1. Sean

    New Assistant Brewer

    Been off-line for a little while due to the recruitment of a new assistant brewer:
  2. Sean

    Oh No, Not Again

    Another great, historic, and highly individual brewery down the pan: CAMRA You certainly can't make Gales beers anywhere else - well, not without their beautiful unlined oak fermenters and a fermentation room that is impossible to sanitize, and I don't think they will want those at the Griffin...
  3. Sean

    Barham Brewery

    Anyone know anything about it?
  4. Sean

    Complete Bastards

    The complete and utter bastards: Greene King to close Ridleys Greene King for buying and closing it. The Ridleys shareholders for selling their soul.
  5. Sean

    Yeast From Active Fermentation

    I put two brews down at the end of the week - one on Friday, one on Sat. Both were pitched with active starters cultured from Coopers Sparkling Ale, and are going strong. I want to do another brew tomorrow (Monday), pitching it from one of the above. Can I just draw half a litre of actively...
  6. Sean

    Westmalle Dubbel

    I don't normally try to clone beers, but Abbey styles are outside my normal range and I haven't had access to my favorite in ages. So, has anyone got any information that might be helpful in reproducing something in the vacinity of Westmalle Dubbel? All grain of course.
  7. Sean

    Brewery Pictures

    Now it's had a couple of brew's through it successfully (well, one in the keg and one in the fermenter), I thought I'd post a few pictures: