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    Recipe Help - Pirate Life IPA Clone

    I have a partial mash of this recipe is the fermenter at the moment. OG of 1.072 and seemed to have finished or stalled at 1.022 which gives me 6.6% which isn't too bad. about to dry hop... How did you go with the 50g of each?
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    50LT or 80LT stock pot

    The only thing I worry about is it being such a small boil in the huge pot haha
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    50LT or 80LT stock pot

    Thanks for the reply guys! It’s a chef inox brand retails for over $200 I think
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    50LT or 80LT stock pot

    Hey everyone My names Arron. First post and new brewer. Have done 2 extract and one partial mash brews in a 20L pot. I’m loving all of this and wanting to move over to all grain BIAB and have an opportunity to get a 80L pot for $50. I have only brewed 23L batches would an 80L pot be overkill...