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  1. trustyrusty

    How many use bottles?

    Hi Guys Just wondering how many use bottles v kegs. Or do you use both 50/50? thanks
  2. trustyrusty

    Extra aroma with dry hopping - in FV or keg?

    Hi There I have just made a standard coopers pale ale kit. I want to dry hop with amarillo in a few days. Question - do most of you use hop bags or just chuck in? I have steep before and just chuck everything in...Have not really had a probably but seeing this method will make a cleaner beer...
  3. trustyrusty

    Carbonate and maintain carbonation

    Hi There Once your beer has carbonation how do you maintain carbonation. I have MK2 regulator and use gas beer line, that I think is about 6/8mm ID. About 1.5 metre as tank is outside fridge. About 3/4 degrees inside. Do you leave gas on at pouring pressure or do you turn on (ie off when not...
  4. trustyrusty

    Fermenter King Jr - review or feedback

    Hi I was thinking of getting one, even just for storage with neoprene cover. I was watching a review and the guy said it leaks through pvr? He didn’t say which company. Are there 2 versions now from different companies? According this site Keg King is 540mm and I saw dimensions in another...
  5. trustyrusty

    Beer disconnects leaking

    Hi 🙋 I have a transfer tube, 2 beer disconnects on each end. Both are leaking on both kegs. Happened at the same time. I changed O ring on one keg outlet and still leaking. I thought they might have gone past use by date, but then I thought perhaps they need clean, could help. Do they have a...
  6. trustyrusty

    Cling wrap lost seal or pressure

    Hi there, brew had been in for four days or so, checked this am... pressure gone no bubbles.. possibly stopped brewing or it lost seal. Seal was fine. If it got oxygen to brew how long would it take to get spoiled or infection? I added co2 to it and then put lid on.. What are my chances? It...
  7. trustyrusty

    Brewart - anyone use?

    OK I will get ready for the abuse :) Next door neighbour is interested in brewing - I was just getting prices for him of things and email ad came in for brewart. It looks like a great machine and for time poor people it looks ok. The beerflo looks interesting, only issue is 10 l. But prices...
  8. trustyrusty

    Easy yeast recovery

    Hey guys Got a simple yeast recovery process. I read something about don’t bother with washing. For all you experts I would imagine if you wanted long term storage it might not be good. What would the side effects be? All I do with last dregs swirl around of brew and add to 3 600 ml bottles...
  9. trustyrusty

    US05 yeast - slight after taste and dry

    Hi there, I have made a Morgan’s kit pacific ale with us 05 yeast. There is this after taste .. is it decityl (What does that taste / aroma like? )(spell check?) .. it’s not banana... and it’s seems dry.. don’t know what it is yeast or brew ... have not made pacific ale before. Brew pretty...
  10. trustyrusty

    Old pickle, mustard jars for yeast

    Hi There, I have old colmans mustard jars, jam jars....etc The lids fit well, and when originally opened they have the click, so must be pretty tight. Has anyone used for yeast washing, harvesting. Mason Jars are not that cheap because of the postage - With postage they are about $5.00 each -...
  11. trustyrusty

    US 05 yeast action / bubble rate

    Hi There, I have had yeast in for 24 hours, 'bubble rate' is about 1 per minute maybe less, but put it this way much less than normal kit yeast I have used. Is the action / fermentation rate less in this yeast or do I have a problem. Set at 20 degrees in fermenting fridge. Thanks
  12. trustyrusty

    How long does the Phosphoric Sanitiser concentrate last

    Hi There, I dont see a use by date on bottle, (the one that is 2.5 ml per 2 litres or something) and I understand that if it gives a reading of less than 3 it is ok. It says the solution, I assume that is the made up in bottle but does not say the concentrate. I know you can test with litmus...
  13. trustyrusty

    Something wrong with regulator?

    Hi I had 2.6kg tank and bought 6 kg when I turn on it blows out top even with smallest turn and keg pressure just goes up ? Do you need a different regulator? Mmmmm
  14. trustyrusty

    ESB Brewing Kits - What are your thoughts

    Hi There, I am looking at the ESB brewing kits, I am not sure if they are a brand of the ESB shop (the brew shot, esb brewing?) Anyhow are they any good, and it looks like prices are pretty good and looks like they have craft beer can kits. There is a robust porter, although out of stock...
  15. trustyrusty

    Black Rock Kit Yeasts ..slow to start or not an active yeast??

    Hi I am making Black Rock Export Pilsner...The yeast has been in for 2 days and no bubbles. I made beer before that has little or no action but was working. has any experienced this with these kits. I could do gravity test to see, but thought I would check. Edit...3 days later. Still 1040 or so...
  16. trustyrusty

    Hops grow up a wall without wires?

    sorry if dumb question... would hops grow up a wall like ivy? Or does it need structure like string or wires?
  17. trustyrusty

    Alcohol prices up

    Hi read in the news, tax up $2.26 /l of alcohol.. does that mean beer or spirits? If it’s beer then that will be $1 a schooner? It must mean hard liquor??? Typical news ... show people drinking beer to outrage when it might mean 5c.... just watched a video going up to 2.26, could be going up 2c...
  18. trustyrusty

    Hop thief recipe 2019

    Hi does anyone have a kit and or malts recipe recipe- latest says hop thief 9, does that mean they change them. I am really enjoying this drop... American-style Pale Ale HOPS: Citra Lupulin and Calypso MALTS: Wheat, Munich, Pale, Roasted Malt Barley IBU: 40.0 At a guess I would say coopers...
  19. trustyrusty

    Sodium Percarbonate - rinse?

    Hi There, I am using sodium percarbonate to clean - the cheap no colour no frangrance laundry type. Have I got the right product....? I am sure I was reading you dont have to rinse but maybe it was another product.....?? It does say somewhere that it can be a poison - but I guess that would be...
  20. trustyrusty

    Chimay yeast cultivation

    hi Has anyone got yeast from chimay beer? It is live yeast..they use yeast in bottle to carbonate - not sure if the same used in first fermentation 9.00 a bottle not cheap... cheers