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    St Pat's Convoluted Counter Flow Wort Chiller

    yes, i am sad to be selling it... despite never being used, it was the pride of the brewery!! My household is down to 1 income (mine) and the head gasket needs replacing on one of the vehicles.... time to shed the excess, which the wife considers to be all my toys (remote control cars etc, and...
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    St Pat's Convoluted Counter Flow Wort Chiller

    yeah, had to freight through my company to get around St Pat's min order. My company put it on their UPS account and charged me accordingly. Was $160 from the company (was here in 3 days). That was mostly because St Pat's wanted min order of $300 for outside US... so i had it shipped to our...
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    St Pat's Convoluted Counter Flow Wort Chiller

    I've got a brand new CCWC from St Pats. Bought it about 10 months ago, never been used. still in box. Cost of course was $100 US, and with freight and customs clearance cost me about $300 landed. Thought i would offer it to you guys before putting it on ebay. Would like $275, anyway, PM me if...
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    Ag Vs Extract Vs Kit

    in answer to Jase's original question, let me just say this... my wife NEVER drinks my homebrew (k+k). my last 3 brew have all been partial mashes and now she asks me for a beer all the time, which isn't that great for my stocks, but a compliment never-the-less. Also, can't recommend highly...
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    Hop Rhizomes

    thanks JM, i've emailed you my order.
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    Stout - Priming Question

    thanks everyone. i plan on ageing this one for at least 5 months until christmas, so i might go with the 3 or 4 g/L and see how she goes.
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    Partial Mash

    duff, it's surprising just how good the old esky is. I am using a very old one, probably about 15 years old (so it's insulation has probably deteriorated somewhat), and it still holds good temperature for over an hour. I start with water at about 74C. The minute i add it to the esky, the...
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    A Beer Accompaniment

    Kai, i love this stuff. My wife's family is south african, and every now and again they get the roo version!! delicious. i'll have to try and make some. it's really great stuff, especially with beer!!
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    Stout - Priming Question

    Sorry to start another thread on this topic, but couldn't find any info in the search. My stout is about 6 weeks overdue for bottling because i have been trying to find priming ratios. O.G. was 1.070, and F.G. is 1.020. Can't seem to get it any lower and it has been in secondary for over a...
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    Spew Beer

    you guys make me laugh... but i would have to agree, that stuff tastes like camel piss. don't ask me how i know that!!
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    DME V's LME Poll

    for some reason i have always used LME. i guess more for colour than anything... ie i use morgans Pale for ales, and Extra Pale for pilsner. But i don't think i can see (taste) any difference. In fact if anything, it's got a little bit of a sharp taste to it (and no, it's not hopped).
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    First Ag

    crispy, i love that pot!! where did you find one that size?
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    First Partial Mash - Thumbs Up

    i will pay more attention to that next time, i think i only let it sit for another 5 min or so. time was getting on... started at 6:30pm and finished at 10:30pm.
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    First Partial Mash - Thumbs Up

    To everyone who has shared their knowledge and inspired me to get on the way to partial/all grain extract... i just want to say thanks. Last night i did my first partial with great success. I used 2.2 kg pale malt, 500g munich, 150g caramunich, 100g crystal, 50g chocolate... all in the esky for...
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    Partial Pale Ale

    green iguana, how did it turn out??? looking at doing that same brew. any suggestions?
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    Haven't Brewed In A While! Suggestions?

    ok, just decided that if i'm going to use all this specialty grain, i may as well do a partial mash with 2 kg of pale malt grain i just picked up. I've heard it will taste a lot better. With 2kg pale malt... 44.1 1.50 kg. Coopers LME - Light Australia 1.038 3 8.8 0.30 kg. Crystal 60L America...
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    Haven't Brewed In A While! Suggestions?

    ok, now that sounds better!! I only have 25 grams of Goldings. Using 20g 10 min, should i balance the rest with POR, maybe 10 grams at 60 min for bitterness, or even 20g of fuggles at 60 min? (never tried fuggles, so not sure of the result, but they have similar bitterness to goldings).
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    Haven't Brewed In A While! Suggestions?

    yeah, i might up the light DME and maybe a little bit more dextrose. Thinking 1045?
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    Haven't Brewed In A While! Suggestions?

    Thanks linz, that looks like just the ticket. i will give it a go now. appreciate it!
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    Haven't Brewed In A While! Suggestions?

    Well it's been many months since i put on a brew, and it seems i've forgotten all the wonderful things i had in mind many months ago. I want to do my own pale ale (not anything as hoppy as a IPA), without kit assistance, and have the following ingredients: 1.5kg Morgans Liquid Pale, and Extra...