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    Freezer Cc

    Can it be done? is it bad? i have plenty of freezer space, but bugger all space for CC in a fridge?
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    Post Cfc Chiller

    Hey there, My home made CFC will get the wort down pretty close to tap temp, but thats pretty warm here in summer, i'd like to get it lower, so after it comes out of the chiller im thinking of a post-CFC chiller just to cool it a bit more.. my basic idea was to get a bucket and run a copper...
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    Lagering An Ale?

    Hey guys, I recently aquired a fridge and temp controller (thanks to GMK's apprentice) so im going to brew a lager soon, but at the moment it has a Stout in it (should be REALLY hoppy too :) ) just keeping it around the 20deg mark, its in the secondary and coming up to a week in that.. ive...
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    Making Cf Chiller

    Hey guys, Im moving up to full wort boils, (on my path to all-grain) and i was thinking about building a CFC, i didn't want a garden hose style one, because i want it to last for ages, and i didn't really want to have to pay close to $200 for something that no-one will definately tell me...
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    Llme Vs Dlme

    I'm looking at buying some more bulk malt extract, (and now seems like a good time since the G&G have their 20% off sale) I can't decide whether to buy 28kg of LLME for $89 or 25kg of DLME for $125 I've heard that the DME is better, and you use less, but if its too much more expensive...
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    Another Ebay Wtf! What the hell is this? and if it is a beer brewing barrel, how does it work?
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    Bits On Ebay

    Bits of bar gear..
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    Good Lawnmower Beer?

    Anyone got a recipe for a nice easy drinking mid-strength beer for me? extract please :)
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    Big News,

    Just thought i would share the news with you guys, ive just had an offer accepted on my first house :) so i'll soon have the space the brewery has always wanted... I knew it was a good omen when i looked into the garage during the open day and saw shelves full of tallies :) and a fridge :)
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    Christmas Crippler

    Over a few beverages the other night the topic was discussed in relation to brewing a beverage for this christmas... that will go into a keg and wait till then.. Basicly we came up with a few points, now im trying to figure out the best way to go about it. must be. -Potent! -friend friendly...
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    I'm going to be brewing later this week, and i was wondering how the hell to calculate IBU's (i extract brew) anyone know of a good website on it? can anyone explain it in terms i can understand?
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    Honey Beer Question - Infected?

    Monday night i made up a batch of self-styled canadian honey beer, basicly, 1x 1.7kg can of coopers canadian blonde 1kg of honey 350gms CSR brewing sugar. 10gms challenger hops boiled for 5 mins with the honey. I pitched about 1L of wyeast 1084 irish ale starter, Last night (thursday) i had...
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    So What Have You Go Brewin?

    I whipped up a big starter the other day, and livened up some wyeast irish ale, brewed up on sunday, a leftover beer, consisting of 2x cans of grumpys pale low hopped extract, some steeped pale and wheat malt, some challenger at 10 mins, and 1 chilli.. then i only pitched about 1L of my...
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    Yeah Nice!

    I couldn't hold my curiosity any longer, this afternoon i came home and put a bottle of my first extract brew in the fridge and i am currently enjoying :) Its only been in the bottle for 1.5 weeks, so its a bit young, but i couldn't help it! the verdict.. Its good.. like better than i...
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    Where Does The Colour Go?

    Ive noticed that the Brew i made the other day has gone considerably lighter than it went into the fermenter at... MUCH lighter... what causes this?
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    My First Extract Brew

    Well as the title says, i mixed up my first extract and steeped grain brew on saturday arvo, 3.5 hours worth or something silly.. not using the kitchen stove to boil the wort again.. :) managed to get it down to an appropriate temp, and pitched my starter, i forgot to take a SG reading, but...
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    Air Lock Removal?

    do you guys pull the air-lock out of the top when you take a sample for a grav reading? or do you just let the air bubble through backwards?
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    *simple* Extract Recipe

    I am looking for a simple recipe for my first extract, steep, hop, boil etc brew.. something english ale-ish?
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    Grain Storage

    As i dont have a mill yet, and i dont brew *THAT* often i would love to hear some opinions on how long cracked grain keeps? should it be in the fridge? freezer? or just a dark spot?
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    Online Hbs

    I'm looking at buying some bulk exctract, hops and a few other bits and pieces, soon im going to put together a bit of a list and going shopping. I'm in the ACT so postage is definately a consideration, but i'd like to know what online stores people have used, and thought were good / cheap /...