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    FS: Tap King setup, bottles/tap heads/CO2/etc Adelaide

    Got my old tap king setup for sale: - 29 bottles / lids/ tubes/ seals - modified tap head with CO2 regulator - handful of CO2 bulbs to suit regulator (threaded) - handful of CO2 bulbs to suit bottle heads (unthreaded) - 2 unmolested tap king heads - tools and bits and pieces to suit...
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    Hops flowering in winter

    So I had a bumper crop of hops earlier in the year, but the bines haven't died back at all and are actually still flowering. Sounds unusual, had anyone had this happen? I'm wanting to dig them up but hesitant to do it until it dies!
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    EOI Victoria Hops Adelaide - Free

    Got a crop of Victoria hops all but ready, and I don't reckon I'll be able to use them all. Once I start harvesting I'll have a better idea of how much is available but drop me a PM if you are interested in grabbing some and we'll take it from there. Free but home brew donations accepted!
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    Robobrew V2 non-pump - Adelaide - $250 obo

    RB V2 in great nick for sale. Comes with malt pipe/lid/handle as standard, extra silicon hose that fits the tap, and a super-duper custom insulating jacket. Selling due to upgrade to V3 Full pics here: No functional issues, no scorch marks on bottom. Happy to demo...
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    Mini Regulator (Beerkat) Disassembly and Cleaning - you know why

    Had to pull my regulator apart and clean it, couldn't find any instructions so here is a few pics in case someone can use them. Got some detailed help from Graham from Beerkat in a PM that let me do this.
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    Stuck Brew? Have tried re-pitching...

    Hi, been lurking for a while but this is my first post :beerbang: Anyway, I've done about 6 brews over the last few months with varying levels of success. Haven't had any infections yet, but think I'm having issues with stuck brewing. Beer coming out of primary fermentation is almost always...