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    All Apple Cider

    hello all My mate and I were having a discussion, is it possible to brew an apple cider without a kit, ie straight from the apples themselves? Seeing that there are a high amount of natural sugars in the apples, and of course with the help of a little added fermentables dextrose, perhaps even...
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    Damn, Over-carbonated It!

    i made a Brecraft Mexican Cerveca a while back and i've started to crack them, much to my disappointment they are all highly overcarbonated. I'm talking about open the bottle and head starts pouring over the top, not good..... Some have even started to explode. I was thinking, is there a way of...
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    High Alcohol Beer

    Hey guys I've been doing some serious brewing lately, well as serious as a newbie could, and I've got quite a collection of brews in the basement just waiting... So I've decided to make a few, shall we say, 'different' brews for the mates. Amongst the To Do list, I'm looking to spring upon my...
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    Storing Hops

    Heya, I got some hop pellets wrapped up in the fridge that I'm going to use in the near future. Just a quick question, how long is it safe to leave them, i.e. will they go bad if left for a long time. I'm probably going to use them in a month or so, is this cool?
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    Cloudy Lager

    Hey guys, I got a Munton's Continential Lager bubblin' away under my house going for a diacetyl rest at the moment. When I checked the hydro yesterday I found it was very cloudy. I'm going to rack it to secondary after the rest then probably cold condition it for a good 4 weeks before bottling...
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    Brewing Ales

    Hey guys. I'm currently looking at brewing something like an American pale or amber ales. I'm probably going ot use something like the WLP001 Californian Ale yeast. I'm looking for a kit receipe for a good American pale or amber ale, but can't seem to find one. I've found many AG receipes on...
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    Hyrdo Tube

    Hey guys, needing some help here. I split the plastic tubing for my hydro, so now when i fill it up, it leaks everywhere! :angry: I've tried patching it up with silicone, but it still leaks.... Is there anywhere you guys know of where i can buy some plastic (or even gass) tubing or something i...
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    Ccing Esb Pislner

    Hey everybody, First time on these forums, hoping I could get some advice. I'm thinking of putting on an ESB Pilsner Fresh Wort with some WLP802 i had lying around. I've been reading around some threads about cold conditioning the brew after fermentation is over, and would like it give it a...