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  1. joshuahardie

    Belvedere Vodka - Dan Murphy Misprint

    Don't know if this is relevant to anyone. Dan Murphys stuffed up their latest catalogue, and are selling 1Litre bottles of Belvedere for the price of a 750ml I have seen a few different online prices, but the stuffup means you save somewhere between $22.50 and $35 a bottle I got a couple...
  2. joshuahardie

    Anyone going to Bitter and Twisted 2015

    If anyone is going to bitter and twisted from the CCB on Saturday, drop me a message, ill be there, we can catch up for a beer
  3. joshuahardie

    How to fix horrible efficiency

    Doing BIAB my efficiency of late is embarassing. Hovering around the low 60% range. But yesterday took the cake. Brewing a triple, cause of limited mash volume (about 7kg is my max) I decided to brew with 4kg of Pils malt, and boost gravity, with 1.5kg LME and 1kg of Sugar. With 70%...
  4. joshuahardie

    Bitter and Twisted meetup

    post 1000. nice Central Coast Brewers, If anyone is interested in attending Bitter and Twisted this year, I am going up on Saturday, so if anyone wants to train pool or similar, let me know.
  5. joshuahardie

    Australian Hotel Beer Festival

    The Australian Heritage Hotel beer festival is on this weekend from the 17-19 Ill be there on the friday arvo. come say hi to me if you are there, ill be in the doctors orders shirt
  6. joshuahardie

    Why do we get scorched wort

    Hi All, I've been having an on and off issue with an element scorching and burning the malt. Once or twice I just put it off to bad technique, but it has happened to me today, and I am at a loss why it happened. Simple grain bill of 50% pale and 50% wheat 45 mins into the boil i can smell...
  7. joshuahardie

    New Years Catchup / Swap

    Hi Guys, The site has been pretty quiet of late, and I thought I would stir the pot a little. I would wager that it is going to be hard to pencil in a Sunday before Xmas to catch up and do a beer taste, but how about catch up in early Jan. Tentativly pencil in Sunday 12th Jan which give us a...
  8. joshuahardie

    Rays Outdoors Erina closing down sale

    For any people in the area, Rays outdoors at erina is closing down on the 12/5 I was in there yesterday and most of their floor stock is 50% off. So things like 40l aluminium pots (crab cookers) were $50, and some without boxes were $30 3 and 4 ring burners were 50% off and same with the...
  9. joshuahardie

    Adjusting Thin Mouthfeel After Fermentaiton

    I have a FWK down at the moment OG was 1044 FG is 1011 So a more than acceptable fermentation. However the beer is thin like I cannot believe. Just tastes like a watery hop tea, with no appreciable malt flavour. Couple of questions. Searching has shown that I can add back some mouthfeel...
  10. joshuahardie

    Vale Geoff Scharer

    from Sad news reached us today about the passing of brewer Geoff Scharer. Hyperbole often abounds in newspapers with the passing of significant people and the word “pioneering” is overused. However, I can’t think of a more fitting...
  11. joshuahardie

    Sydney Pub Crawl

    As per FG's suggestion, lets nail down a month, If you have a favourite date, speak up or forever hold your peace...
  12. joshuahardie

    Carbonating A Lambic

    As the title says, I have a lambic that has had 2 years of maturation and the time has come to bottle. it is insanely clear and any yeast that was in it, has dropped out a long time ago I have tried a few methods 1. reinoculating with beer from a fermenting brew and adding a dash of sugar -...
  13. joshuahardie

    Cudo Hoegaarden Offer

    Six Margaret River reds & whites AND a case of Hoegaarden for $89 Delivered Click me Your Milliage May Vary
  14. joshuahardie

    Worlds Hoppiest Beer

    Yikes Clicky!!! Clocking in at 2500 IBUs (International Bitterness Units) and 13.3% ABV, Alpha-fornication proves that sometimes people climb mountains just because theyre there. And sometimes, Beer Geeks will try anything on a dare. The hoppiest beer we know of was a meager 2007 IBUs, so we...
  15. joshuahardie

    R2d2 Keg Fridges! enjoy nerds
  16. joshuahardie

    How Does Flavour Change When Ageing?

    HI there, I have a RIS that has just finished fermentation. OG1080 - FG1018 Despite best intentions to keep the temps AT 18 DEGREES, due to a very vigorous fermentation temps up to 22 degrees were seen. Now I am left with a beer with a very strong alcoholic bite, and is very warming. Also...
  17. joshuahardie

    Polyclar Causing Airlock Activity

    Brewers, As per the title, I have started using Polyclar and I have noticed that it is causing airlock activity even though the beer is at terminal gravity. It has happened to me all of the three times I have used it but Ill give an example of a current brew. Beer started at 1050 and...
  18. joshuahardie

    Brewdog The End Of History: On A Budget

    As a retort to the Brewdog - End of History...... here is a more budget approach to achieving the same result Inspired by that enormously expensive beer that's sold in dead squirrels, Tom Scott attempts his own, super-budget version. Full marks for going through with it and for mailing it off...
  19. joshuahardie

    Electric Vs Gas

    Hi All, I know most have their opinions on which is better for their brewery, Gas or Electric heating, but I am curious if anyone has any solid research about which one is cheaper, especially cost vs time. My feeling is that electricity is cheaper and quieter , but would take longer to get a...
  20. joshuahardie

    Blending Of Smoke Beers

    Hi I have a Smoked APA in secondary, that used approx 2.5% rauch malt. The idea was to just get a bit of a background hint of smoke. Problem is that 2.5% was way too small of an amount to get the taste that I am after. I was thinking, can I do a stovetop mash so say about 500gm of malt...