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    Canberra Brewing Bargain Centre

    thats actually where i got my last 9kg bottle and i got a keg from there a while back..
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    Which Way Shall I Go From Here

    i'd probably let it get up around 19-20... sterilise a spoon and give it a stir... but yeah i would suggest a non-kit yeast to finish it off... i wouldn't suggest trying to airate it though..
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    Christmas Crippler

    Well, one year on i cracked the second last tallie of this beast, it hasn't improved with age, no real bad faults i can pick, (a bit buttery) winey, not that pleasant to drink, for a laugh im going to try and culture the yeast out of it...
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    Which Way Shall I Go From Here

    My call on this would be leave it the f*ck alone for a while, its normal that when you rack it to the secondary the yeast will get a bit excited again, 18deg is pretty cool for a kit yeast, so it might take a bit longer, and you have over 2kg of malt in there too, a kit yeast is going to take a...
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    Ss Aeration Stones - What Pump?

    have you thought of getting a cheapo compressor? an air pump wont push any pressure through it, but just 5 or so PSI might...
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    3% Hydrogen Peroxide

    psst, some of us still use bleach and boiling f*&king water... :)
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    High Pressure Regulator

    chiller / tdh: my orange hose is rated to 2.8 mpa, my 9kg bottle is only rated to 3.3 mpa (as are most vehicle ones too) this means 2,800 KPA, my reg is only rated to 400kpa, and I've had no need to run it past 125-150 kpa (but have had it around 250kpa) for a laugh (the horror, the horror:))...
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    High Pressure Regulator

    BTW i tried to find the thread the other day with the talk of braided line, my orange hose i got from the local camping store (juzzies (hi corey, steve here)) does the job fine... and is rated to nearly as much pressure as the tank...
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    Freezer Cc

    i figured that might happen, but didn't really worry about it.. but yes.. off flavours might not be a good thing...
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    Freezer Cc

    hmm, well yes, there is that.. but as im not sure whats actually happening in the conditioning process... any idea anyone? would it go 'freezery'?
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    Freezer Cc

    Can it be done? is it bad? i have plenty of freezer space, but bugger all space for CC in a fridge?
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    Undershooting/overshooting Og

    doc: it might be nice to have something a bit lighter on tap anyway :) expecially during summer, and the other tap dispensing 5% stout..
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    Undershooting/overshooting Og

    doc: last week i undershot by 10 pts on a 1040 beer.. and im an extract brewer...
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    18l Stainless Steel Pots

    it was just a bit as ive never had it try to boil over for so long.. (a few minutes at least) i used the hose after the first major spil..
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    Post Cfc Chiller

    :) tried out the chiller and complete setup yesterday, i hit my gravity, i even hit the output volume i wanted... running the wort through flat out, i collected the 19L in about 15 mins, at ~19deg..
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    18l Stainless Steel Pots

    When boiling up my extract yesterday, with ~30L in the pot, i had a boilover... the hot break didn't seem to want to fall back in with the wort,...
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    Wort Transfer Tubing

    I use the blue nylex food grade stuff from magnet mart... i had issues with it wanting to kink, under weight on curves, so ive replaced the nasty bit with copper tube (1/2 in annealed) that i had left over from my post-chiller, and only use the tube to join, (with a couple of hose clamps...
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    18l Stainless Steel Pots

    I used to brew extract partial boils in a pot of about that size, and have only just stepped up to the big pot and chiller and burner in the last couple of weeks :)
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    18l Stainless Steel Pots

    my boiler is 60L and i probably wouldn;t want to go too much smaller..
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    Counterflow Wort Cooler

    :D nice :) very nice :) price! need price!