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    [PER] FS: Miracle/Party Box & Keg

    Got the following for sale. SS Keg with race track lid. Holds seal well. Has a small ding on the side $50 obo Miracle/Party Box $160 obo Bottle Capper $25 obo Bottle Drying Tree $15 obo Any questions just ask.
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    FS: Perth - Ball Lock Kegs & 2TB Portable HDD

    Hey Guys, Got a few kegs to my surplus. The one on the left and the middle one have had their seals replaced and hold pressure. The one on the left has some o-ring rubber stuck on the inside of the keg and I havent been bothered to remove it. Looking for $55 for the kegs that hold pressure and...
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    Not Fermenting

    Hey Guys, Did my second All Grain BIAB No Chill and my beer is not fermenting at all. I transfered from the cube into a fermenter and pitched the yeast at around 20 deg OG of 1.044 @ 23 deg. I left it for 10 days and tested it - 1030 Thought the yeast might of been dead or something...
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    FS: Magic Miracle Jockey Boxes & taps

    Hey Guys, Bought these thinking I was going to have time to do them up and give them to a friend but i cant be bothered/dont have enought time. The two boxes have a miracle cold plate in them. So there up for sale, give us an offer either for the whole lot or an item. Also have a used Turret...
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    James Squire You Brew Just thought a few of you guys/girls might be interested in this. Available at Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Newcastle and Melbourne. I couldn't find this posted anywhere else
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    Type A Keg Coupler

    Got a type A Micro Matic keg coupler for sale. Comes with snap locks and both the gas and beer fittings and a picnic tap. Also has some beer line with it. Has the swan draught swan on the handle. Looking for $50 Will attach some pictures if anyone is interested. Thanks
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    Perth - Free Cascade Rhizomes

    Hey guys, Got 2 Cascade rhizomes for free. Originally bought off hops west about 2 years ago. Reason for getting rid of them was I just don't have enough space. Cheers
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    Which Co2 Cylinder?

    Hey Guys, I need to buy a co2 cylinder as I have decided to own my own. Is there any difference between the two ones below. or any other suggestions. The first one is...
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    Kegerator - Font Thread Not Fitting All The Way Through

    Hey Guys, Just in the final process of putting my kegerator together, but I'm stuck now. I drilled a hole through the chest freezer lid and put the font thread though the hole but it doesn't go all the way through to the other side stops short by about 5mm. Any ideas of how I extend the thread...
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    Pleass Superchiller R3000s

    Hey Guys. Just wondering if anyone has any infomation on the above superchiller, I couldnt find anything on the web. Cheers
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    Fs Perth: Miracle Box

    Hey Guys, Got an old Miracle Box, as pictured below. Its got a bit of rust on the inside but the fittings and taps are still worth something. Looking for $30. Cheers
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    Certifying A Co2 Cylinder

    Hey Guys, I picked up a free co2 cylinder when I was picking up some other gear. It has no test date on it and it looks quite old. The guy I got it off said he used ti use it about 8 years ago but just refilled it from a larger cylinder. The question I have is it possible to get this certified...
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    Co2 Cylinder - Rental Or Not

    Hey Guys, Just a quick question are all co2 bottles that have boc air on them rentals or can you get ones which are owned outright? As im looking to buy one and it has boc on the sticker. Cheers
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    Fs: Plastic Fridge Mounted Drip Tray

    Hey Guys, Got a plastic fridge mounted drip tray. It has a metal frame which gets screwed into the fridge and then the two piece plastic drip tray sits in it. All offers considered. Pictures below: Cheers
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    Fs: Beer Tap

    Hey guys, Ive got a brand new tap which is surplus to my needs. Give us some offers, as im not too sure how much they go for. pics to come soon. Cheers
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    60l Fermenter + Extras

    Hey Guys I have the following for sale: - 60L fermenter - hydrometer - paddle stick - brush - easy pourer - some tubing - 3x T connection - 1x Elbow connection - Hand Capper - some ingredients, not sure if its any good still - extra fermenter tap - sugar measurer Looking for $50 or swap for a...
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    Fs: Andale 3 Way Floodable Beer Font

    For Sale: A second hand Andale floodable beer font. I purchased this font for a freezer conversion but later decided on a 4 way tap. It does have a few small marks but polishes up well. I haven’t connected so I cannot guarantee for the seals on the snaplock adaptors however new seal...
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    Wtb: Beer Font

    Hey Guys, Just looking for a beer font, either a 4 tap one or 2 * two tap ones. Also might be interested in a 5 tap one. Let me know what you have for sale Cheers
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    Still Fermenter As A Beer Boiler?

    Hi, Just wondering if it is possible to use a Still Fermenter like this one here that has a element inside as a kettle to boil your grain? Or is it impossible as the element is exposed and the grain will burn ont Still Fermenter Cheers
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    Opening An 'a' Type 50l Keg

    Hey Guys, Struggling opening an 'A' Type 50L keg. Ive disengaged the spear so it drops down and hits the bottom. But what ever i try i cant twist the top, if there a trick to doing this or should you be able to do it with your hands? Cheers