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    So I've made a few ales and I'm reasonably happy and familiar with the process. Well recently I had a go at making lager. Honestly, I approached it in quite a half-arsed manner by adapting my ale method and following some rather rudimentary instructions. The end result (so far) is a small...
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    Cider Recipe

    Hi All, My next project is something of a departure for me. I want to try making 4 to 5 litres of medium, sparkling, cider / perry with a hint of ginger and chilli to about 5% abv. I've done a bit of research and I'm finding info specific to what I intend a little hard to come by. I've...
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    Hi All, I'd like some advice please regarding clearing mead before bottling. This is my first batch and so far I'm really happy with it. Primary and secondary fermentations both went to plan and now I'm ready to bottle and lay it down to condition for a few months. It was still quite cloudy...
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    Advice For Newbs (newb To Newbs)

    Hi All, I'm new to home brew and I'd like to impart a little wisdom in the hope that my peers don't fall into a trap that I almost fell victim to. I have just 2 batches under my belt, 1 mild and 1 lager (I followed the kit instructions to the letter for both). When I first sampled them I was...
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    Disappointing First Attempt

    Hi All, I'm a newb to home brew and a first time poster . . . first attempt is a Coopers Australian lager kit. SIT REP: I bought the Coopers DIY Kit and brewed my first batch following the instructions to the letter. OG about 1.042 - Primary Ferment 7 days @ 20 celcius - FG...