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  1. Brocksmith

    Selling my Full Brew and kegging set up - 3 Vessel all grain, cornie kegs, co2 cylinder and lots more. Located in Brisbane

    Cheers for the heads up Paul, knew i forgot something. Have edited, all reasonable offers considered.
  2. Brocksmith

    Selling my Full Brew and kegging set up - 3 Vessel all grain, cornie kegs, co2 cylinder and lots more. Located in Brisbane

    All grain brewing and kegging gear to be sold together only Selling for $900 or add $100 if you want the frame as well. Has been stored for a few years but everything is still in good condition will just need a thorough clean. Includes HLT with thermostat slot and sight gauge. Currently has a...
  3. Brocksmith

    Veet hair removal for men

    On the topic of comments gone wild
  4. Brocksmith

    10 Minuute IPA - Quick question.

    If you are brewing ag you should be boiling for 60 mins to hopefully remove any precursors to off flavours in your beer eg DMS. You could probably get away with a shorter boil but the shorter it is I suppose the more you run the risk off picking up these flavors Edit: obviously extract is a...
  5. Brocksmith

    Whats In The Glass

    Choc mild, pretty damn tasty.
  6. Brocksmith

    Chilli! All Things Chillies.

    I'll start by saying I know next to nothing about growing chilli or anything else for that matter, but was just wondering something, a while ago I saved the seeds from a crappy long chilli from coles and planted them. Heaps of plants grew but I cut the all off except the strongest two. They both...
  7. Brocksmith

    Hop Dealz Australia

    +1 for interest in hop flowers or plugs Cheers yob
  8. Brocksmith

    Anchor Steam beer in Brisbane area?

    Archive has it I'm pretty sure not much of a fan myself though, could be it travelled poorly though
  9. Brocksmith

    The Red Bay Brewery

    They state on that page that there brewing process takes just over an hour which would be a bit impossible if they were mashing and I possibly remember the brewer saying at a beer dinner at archive that they do brew all extract. But that was a few months back so who knows. I'm pretty sure for...
  10. Brocksmith

    ebay and gum tree finds

    I dunno if he can make a 2km long bar for $500 it cant be that bad.
  11. Brocksmith

    Whats In The Glass (commercial)

    Just had pretty merry night at archive. Started with a brooklyn Black ops Next an Achel (smallest trappist brewery in the world) I know theres only 6) extra brun/Quad (damn tasty) and then a rochefort 10 (wow! just wow) Sierra nevada Narwal (imperial stout) birra del ducato sally brown...
  12. Brocksmith

    What Are You Brewing III

    First Brew yesterday, boiled to vigorously so ended up a bit bigger than I intended. No.1 Robust/Baltic Porter Style: Robust Porter OG: 1.072 Type: All Grain Estimated FG: 1.016 ABV: 7.35 % IBU's: 30.14 Efficiency: 70 % Boil Size: 22.07 L Color: 35.5 SRM Batch Size: 14.93 L Preboil OG: 1.058...
  13. Brocksmith

    Show us your brewrig

    Put my first brew through yesterday. Everything went fairly smoothly, made a few mistakes as was to be expected i guess. Was aiming to brew a robust porter however I think it is going to end up a bit more like a baltic porter now. Mash in went really well and hit 66 degrees and stayed there...
  14. Brocksmith

    First Brew, Porter Suggestions And Help

    Most of the volumes are just the presets in the app so I'll assume they are fine. And I'll maybe swap the roast barley out for some black patent by the sounds. Cheers all
  15. Brocksmith

    First Brew, Porter Suggestions And Help

    Ergh apologies, thats what i get for trying to use my ipad here it is in a more understandable format. Any help/ideas appreciated. Also im a little confused with the whole boil/batch size as i generally thought you aimed to finish with about 22 litres not start the boil with it and end up with...
  16. Brocksmith

    First Brew, Porter Suggestions And Help

    So this is the recipe I'm hopefully lining up for my first brew, I'm aiming for a nice robust porter something along the lines of bridge rd's and wicked Elfs offerings with a bit of fresher hop to it as well. I basically came up with this recipe myself so any help would be appreciated also it's...
  17. Brocksmith

    Show us your brewrig

    Was hoping for next week however weddings and work mean it will probably have to wait till the one after
  18. Brocksmith

    Show us your brewrig

    Alright so firstly i should probably start out with a bit about me, i live in brisbane im 22 and am pretty keen on awesome beer. I have never brewed at home myself before but have run through a few ag brews with a couple of friends of mine which has sparked me to get moving on putting my own rig...
  19. Brocksmith

    Archive Beer Boutique (brisbane)

    There is now 8 more taps in the main bar at archive, 4 of them are doubles of the popular beers LCPA, s&w lager etc, but there are 4 new ones as well