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  1. cliffo

    FS: Robobrew V2 with pump - Lake Macquarie/Newcastle Area

    Hi All, I've upgraded to a 50L Braumeister so am selling my V2 Robobrew. This one has the delay timer function. I've done the camlock upgrade and it also comes with the Robojacket. Pick up from Mount Hutton NSW. $250 ono. Cheers, cliffo
  2. cliffo

    2x 26L Kegmenters & Spunding Valves (Lake Mac/Newcastle)

    Hi All, After diving head first into pressurised fermentation late last year I've decided to revert back to the standard processes so I am selling the following: 2x 26 litre Stainless Steel Kegmenters 2x Spunding valves 2x Fermentasaurus SS float kits (attached to kegmenter lids) I ordered...
  3. cliffo

    NYE Drinks

    I had a Chimay Blue to bring in the new year last year. Thinking I might get a Duvel for this year. What are you planning to drink (home brew or commercial) this NYE?
  4. cliffo

    FS: SS Convoluted Counter-flow Chiller

    Hi Guys, Selling a stainless steel convoluted counter-flow chiller. Always cleaned with PBW and less than 12 months old. Moving back to immersion chilling as that's my preferred cooling method. $170 ono. Pick up only from eastern Lake Macquarie NSW. Cheers, cliffo
  5. cliffo

    West Coast USA Road Trip - Oct/Nov

    I semi-hijacked another thread a few months about breweries to visit in the USA but thought I'd start my own thread so you can ignore if not interested :-) I'm hiring a car for the duration of the trip and the plan thus far is looking like (with most accommodation already booked and I'll be...
  6. cliffo

    Counter Flow Wort Chiller

    Hi Guys, I currently use the immersion chiller that comes with the Robobrew but am considering a counter flow chiller. Would I see much of an improvement in terms of water required to chill and time taken to chill everything being equal? The immersion chiller works fine but performs much...
  7. cliffo

    FS Mashmaster Plate Chiller (Lake Macquarie/Newcastle Area)

    Selling my Mashmaster Plate Chiller as I haven't used it for some time. $60. Pick up only. Cheers, cliffo
  8. cliffo

    FS: Robobrew + Keg King Magnetic Drive Pump (Lake Macquarie/Newcastle)

    Hi All, Selling my Robobrew (original model) and Keg King Magnetic Drive Pump (MKII). Comes with stainless connectors and ball valve on the pump head. Will also throw in the table it sits on (pump is screwed to table - can remove if you don't want the table) One of the handles has broken at a...
  9. cliffo

    A Return to Kits

    I've been brewing All Grain for nearly 10 years and never gave a thought to K&K brewing since. Recently, I've been wondering if I could brew a simple K&K and make it turn out better than I remember back in the day. Back then, I used kit yeast, no temperature control and probably haphazard...
  10. cliffo

    Commercial Single Hop Beers

    Hi Guys, I've just got some new hops and looking for commercial single hop beers the showcase the following hops: El Dorado Mosaic Huell Melon Can anyone name some such beers? Happy to try examples that also use other hops in the mix if no single hop beers exist with these. I've tried...
  11. cliffo

    1/2 Price Spiegelau Beer Glasses

    Just a heads up that Riedel are selling Spiegelau beer glasses at half price at the moment. Linky
  12. cliffo

    Kegerator - Tap to Keg Ratio?

    Hi Guys, I'm about to get back in to brewing and kegging much sooner than expected. Yay! I'm looking at getting a Keg King kegerator and am debating whether to go with the two or three tap option. I like the idea of 2 taps and having a "spare" keg, chilled and ready to go as soon as one keg...
  13. cliffo

    FS: Westinghouse WRM2400WC All Fridge (Lake Macquarie)

    Hi All, Possibly the final item from my (nearly) everything must go sale. Very clean Westinghouse WRM2400WC all fridge which briefly served as my fermenting fridge and for the last 3 months as my keg fridge using bronco taps (no holes in the fridge). You can find fridge details at...
  14. cliffo

    FS: Bench Capper and Crown Seals (Lake Macquarie area)

    Bench capper and 400 crown seals. $20. Pick up from Macquarie Hills.
  15. cliffo

    Free: Various Fermenters, Buckets, Cubes (Lake Macquarie)

    Hi Guys, The clean out continues. I've got 2x barrel fermenters, 2x Bunnings square barrels, 2x bunnings round barrels, 3x Willow blue Cubes and a few other various buckets. Most have been in storage for a while so will need a clean. You can have the BigW pot that's in the photo too. Pick up...
  16. cliffo

    FS: Stainless Steel Bench with Sink

    Hi Guys, Selling this stainless steel bench and sink as have sold my place and the new owners don't want it and I won't have the space for it. Asking $200 and would need to be collected by 4 October. Pick up from Macquarie Hills. PM if interested.
  17. cliffo

    FS: 6 Tap Keezer/Kegerator (Lake Macquarie/Newcastle Area)

    Hi Guys, I'm selling my 6-tap keezer due to an imminent relocation where I won't have the space for it. The following is included in the price: Signature brand Freezer (hold 6 kegs in the main section and two of the squatter/fatter Coke kegs on the hump) Collar stained in a Jarrah finish (A...
  18. cliffo

    FS: 50L Braumeister+Extras (Newcastle/Lake Macquaire Area)

    Hi Guys, Due to a change in my personal circumstances I am selling my 50L Braumeister and some extras. Wanting to sell it all as one package which includes: 50L Braumeister Short Malt Pipe Copper Immersion Chiller I bought the Braumeister 2 and a bit years ago and it hasn't skipped a beat...
  19. cliffo

    FS: Original Mashmaster Mill - Lake Macquarie/Newcastle Area

    Hi Guys, I've got an original MashMaster Mill that I no longer require (I now have the MashMaster mini-mill). It's been sitting idle for a couple of years and looking at it I note the following: The hopper has some rust markings on it The drive shaft looks to be slightly bent It comes with...
  20. cliffo


    I've just come across this digital tap list that runs on a Raspberry Pi. I thought it was pretty cool so I've started setting it up on a Pi that I've got just sitting around doing nothing. A quick setup that I knocked up this evening (still needs a fair bit of tweaking): Has anyone else got...