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  1. GrumpyPaul

    Sufficient privileges

    Hi Kingdomplantae Off the top of my head I cant remember the exact parameters - but its roughly a couple of days that we approve posts for. After that you default to being able to post without approval. It just helps us weed out the spam accounts
  2. GrumpyPaul

    Giveaway and Inkbird Big Discount Sales on thermostats and bbq thermometers

    Ive been called "guy" at times....can I claim the prize???
  3. GrumpyPaul

    Introducting myself

    Welcome aboard.... As moderator I could fix the title for you...but it is funnier this way. I grew up in Nunawading - lived in Luckie St for the first half of my life. If you are interested in a brew club Melbourne Brewers is on this side of town - meetings held last Wednesday of the month...
  4. GrumpyPaul

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    Hey @KegLand-com-au Saw your email with the cheapy $2 hydrometers. Have you ever thought of making plastic ones like the Coopers ones. They certainly don't break when dropped.
  5. GrumpyPaul

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    MODERATION POST.... Folks I reckon we've dealt with the glass issue - there is enough info in the posts above to allow people to make their own decision on the glasses now. We've already moderated and deleted a couple of unnecessary posts that were, in my eyes, just trolling. Lets leave that...
  6. GrumpyPaul

    2021 VIC Autumn Case Swap

    Plans are underway for the inaugural post covid Victorian Swap Meet and Brew day. It will be great to be able to get together again and do a big swap/brew day. This is an event that has grown over the years and is essentially a bunch of homebrew blokes that like to get together - its not...
  7. GrumpyPaul

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    I think KL have already answered about these glasses a few posts back.
  8. GrumpyPaul

    Inkbird Giveaway on ITC-308 WIFI Temp Controller Thermostat !

    Yes please - wifi is good for lazy people like me that couldn't be bothered going out to the shed
  9. GrumpyPaul

    Keg King Conversation

    @Keg King - is there some future design improvements in these Chubby comments for you? Perhaps some sort of hand holds in the black base. Seems like if its full and you tilt to get you hand under the bottom the weight in the fermenter that's when it comes away. If you could get a grip without...
  10. GrumpyPaul

    Keg King Conversation

    Hey Keg King Any advice on what is the ideal adhesive to re-glue the base back onto my Chubby? I had it pretty full with perc and had upended it (sitting in a bucket) to soak the krausen line around the top. When I went to turn it upright I laid it on its side - as i tilted it upright and all...
  11. GrumpyPaul

    Melbourne Brewers Beerfest 27 Feb 2021

    Beerfest has been done and won.... Results can be seen on the link in the OP above. Well done to all the winners and well done to the guys at Melbourne Brewers for running another great comp.
  12. GrumpyPaul

    Inkbird giveaway and new thermostat ITC-306T wifi releasing !

    Count me in... Love inkbird gear.
  13. GrumpyPaul

    Inkbird giveaway and new thermostat ITC-306T wifi releasing !

    Cont me in please. Love the inkbird
  14. GrumpyPaul

    Westy 12 any thoughts.

    Recipe on page 13 of that thread. and then discussion of yeast used and candy additions starts on page 14. happy reading
  15. GrumpyPaul

    Westy 12 any thoughts.

    @Grmblz The vic case swap guys did a westy 12 collab at a swap a few years ago. Its a very long thread, about 20 pages, but there will be heaps of discussion on there about the recipe, yeast, fermentation and Candi sugar. I'm pretty sure it was the 2016 on at Cockos place. I'll try find you...
  16. GrumpyPaul

    PET Kegs and more

    Chubby is great - The spunding valve is the hard bit. I have done a couple of brews - cant quite get the spunding valve right. It's either letting to much out or not letting anything out. But I shall persevere. I'm glad I grabbed a FK Junior while I was there - these things work great together...
  17. GrumpyPaul

    PET Kegs and more

    Found the Chubby Handles
  18. GrumpyPaul

    PET Kegs and more

    Nope. Still can't find them