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    Is there any place in NSW that sells new 50 L commercial kegs (empty) ?

    Bah, the kegs ex Major in china are AB Inbev approved which if you have been thru that process (2 times for me) you will know is exhaustive and indesputable. Ab has not bought German kegs for 4 odd years, 30 % cheaper and passed the quality tests.
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    Home brewer to pro brewer

    Did the council or the cops dictate growlers only? Bit concerned they can define this when the legal facility does not restrict under the Liquor Act. If it is a preferene for the business there are plenty of small machinery options. Growler supply has not been the best with c19
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    Keg washing

    As shaun said, upside down is the way.
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    New research on dry yeast

    Just for context, Whitey is a good mate of mine with a PhD related to yeast and fermentation. He is a respected teaching academic across the UC network, Master Brewers Assoc, Ibd and any other research and teaching facility you can poke a stick at for yeast. He has also has a solid working...
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    Self Chilling SS Fermenter

    Mr Pirate Agenda, this is your IBU conscious here. Seeing I kinda sell a lot of kit I have connections ...
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    Young Henry's Newtowner Pale Ale - AG Recipe

    It's all Aussie hops and the original had oats and a mix of Cali and London ale. Now more an Aussie pale.
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    Selling Homebrew Legally

    Not truer words spoken .... Get a whole sale license and go contract
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    Looking for breweries to fill corny kegs on the Sunshine Coast

    Answer usually is a no as you cannot put thru your keg cleaner. Buy some 20l kegs with a type fittings
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    Fermentation stuck at 1020

    Check your thermometer is reading the correct temp, the pH and yeast health. Main 3 issues why yeast poops out. Even though you pumped oxygen in it does not mean it dissolved. When I used to run Ringwood ale I would pump on fot the first 24 hours
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    Exploring craft brewery lagers - what are they doing differently?

    The 80c hop step I have never understood. It's commercially impractical and the one fella I knew with a system capable stopped it and just pulled hops from the boil. The most important aspect is healthy yeast, nutrient and oxygen. There are no ifs or buts about it. Fermentation management...
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    Hi everyone (Gluten free brewing)

    Sorry to labour, but does the supplier make the claim? I’ve used this product extensively to stop polyphenol haze pickup in small pack and I cannot remember any other information than cutting gluten to less than 20ppm. And it can only be labelled ‘gluten reduced’. So again, no claims made, up to...
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    Hi everyone (Gluten free brewing)

    How can you say it is not safe? Clarity firm reduces gluten and is below the US FDA limits. We have a tighter limit in AU. Not sure on the research needed, it is made by one of the largest firms for process aids in the world. AG at TwoBays has just commissioned a purely GF plant and I hunk they...
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    Dirty beer lines/stained

    Could be mould, or protein. No stress. Most of the 2 part concoctions are clear and a caustic mix with a peroxide booster. The potassium ‘1 shot’ is a pink colour from Bracton. There is also an enzyme product, but change was too hard for the industry to take. I will check but it’s about 50c a...
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    Dry Enzyme how to use?

    Shauna check PM
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    Google. Headspace. Oxidation. Cold liquid. Staled beer. Usual post ferment has 2-2.5 gm/l co2, but never heard of google ....
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    Glycol plate chillers for beer

    All on the size of the ice bank and how much you are pouring. A small bar doing 10l an hour is very different than Coogee beach hotel that does 500 x 50l a week. It is all about peak pouring periods, aka 4-8pm on a friday night. The smaller venues will see the ice bank rebuild, but won't...
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    Glycol plate chillers for beer

    Btw - your PM won’t allow messages
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    Glycol plate chillers for beer

    Hi there Bit of confusion of systems here. PM me and I can send details via email. For a long draw beer system, cool room at 4c, beer runs thru python with plate heat exchange situated below bar with flooded font. Glycol at negative temps knocks back any heat pickup in-line and drops back to...
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    How do people fill their 19L Asahi commercial kegs?

    Sublama, I've been in the trade for years and the pickup of these kegs has been horrendous. Shangrila Sydney as example would ask every other brewery delivering to take them; they had piles and piles of them.
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    Washing yeast with chlorine dioxide

    The sodium chloride versions are harsh on stainless. We used to fortify with citric acid, but it's pretty dangerous as it releases chlorine gas whilst doing so; breathing it in causes hydrochloric acid in the lungs ... Not good! Once diluted it is great to use