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  1. benken25

    2016 Qld xmas in july case swap tasting thread

    Figured i would get the ball rolling 1. Winkle - W3031 Acerola Tarwe (Should have some decent age on it by then). 2. Earle - Smoked Rye Farmhouse Ale - ready to drink now 3. Brewkid - Biere De Garde 4. madpierre06 - Black Rye IPA 5. Motabika - Lichtenhainer. 6. lukiferj - Rye Hard with a Bitty...
  2. benken25

    Too SOBA February 2016 IPA Commercial Tasting

    The first Too SOBA meeting for the year will held at the mort estate hotel in the old drive though out the back . We will be running through what direction the club is heading and whats expected of its members. It also happens to be ipa day so we will use this opportunity to do an ipa commercial...
  3. benken25

    QLD Christmas case swap - Dec 5th, 2015

    Hey guys i figure its about time i started the thread. The chrismas case swap will be held on the farm the old mananages it north branch/ felton. Plenty of room to camp there may or may not be a fire and some burning furniture . Will probably to pulled pork or something for dinner. 1. BENKEN25...
  4. benken25

    holiday in cairns

    The wife and I are planning a weeks holiday in cairns in the June/ July school holidays. thought I would ask the ahb community if there are any good beer places? Did a Google search and found the blue sky brewery bar is at the airport so we might check it out when we land :ph34r:. Are there any...
  5. benken25

    Too SOBA December meeting 6/12/13

    Last meeting for the year is fast approaching. friday night will be a social meeting so bring a few beers along to share (i have a couple of new ones that are drinking well :D). most of the shirts have turned up so i will bring them along aswell. As always it will be a good i look forward to...
  6. benken25

    Too SOBA Facebook page

    For those who may be interested i have just created a Facebook page. Meeting info will be posted on both AHB and the facebook page
  7. benken25

    Too SOBA November meeting 1/11/13 Lager tasting

    next meeting is coming up quick and its commercial lager tasting from bjcp categories 1 to 3 light lagers, pilsners and and amber lager. remember $5 for the meeting fee and $10 per person to cover cost of the commercial beer tastings. as always bring some food and some of your brews to share...
  8. benken25

    golding plant toowoomba

    i have one leftover goldings plant in a pot that has shoots and is about ready to start climbing. i have no need for it free to a good home if they can pick it up(a bottle of beer wouldnt go astray) should be around most of this weekend if anyone is keen pm me
  9. benken25

    Too SOBA October meeting 4/10/13 stout comp

    The meeting is fast approaching and i hope everyone has there stout ready for the mini comp. We will also try and and get the shirt sizes sorted out and ordered. Hope to see you all there
  10. benken25

    Too SOBA September meeting 6/9/13

    Hey guys the next meeting is not far away. Beersuite will be doing a talk/ demo on yeast. We will also be making a decision on shirts. As discussed at the last meeting there will be a $5 meeting fee from now on to cover costs. As always bring some beers and snacks to share Look forward to seeing...
  11. benken25

    Too SOBA August Meeting 2/8/13

    A quick reminder that the August meeting is our pale ale mini comp and if your like me and haven't brewed your entry yet time is running out
  12. benken25

    Too SOBA July meeting Stout Tasting 5/7/13

    Hey guys the next meeting is fast approaching and as you know its commercial stout tasting. So same deal as last time $10 a head to cover the costs of the beer. If anyone has any suggestions of a stout we should have throw them in. Looking forward to seeing you all there
  13. benken25

    clusters rhizomes for sale Toowoomba

    I have had to dig up one of my clusters to make room for some new ones. happy to swap a cutting for a couple of beers if your local. not really interested in posting them
  14. benken25

    Too SOBA June meeting

    Due to the Milking the cow beer festival being held on the 7th the same night the meeting was planed for we have decided not to have an offical meeting at the brew shop. and have a social get together at the cow (im guessing everyone will be going any way). see you all there
  15. benken25


    Keep aside the 21st of may for our joint brewday with bph87, me and possibly beersuite doing a brew hop harvest and bbq at my place. its sure to be a great day.
  16. benken25

    Toowoomba homebrewers get together

    Having met a few local all grain home brewers we are planning on starting up a social club. We are planning a once a month meeting to discuss all things home brewing. Just posting this up here to gauge interest and meet more local brewers in the area. We are hoping for the first meeting to be...
  17. benken25

    Wtb Pinlock Disconects Toowoomba

    HI all this might be a bit of a long shot but does anyone in toowoomba have any spare pinlock keg disconets i could buy or borrow im after 2 liquid and 1 gas. Cheers Ben :icon_cheers:
  18. benken25

    3711 French Saison Yeast

    Hi all i plan on brewing a saison this weekend. This will be the first time i have brewed this style <_< Im going to pitch 4711 fench saison yeast i have read on the wyeast website to ferment form 18 to 25 but i have heard of people brewing saisons at 30'c. what is the general consensus on this...
  19. benken25

    Beer Taps

    I have 3 beer taps all from with 30mm shanks thats are nolonger needed now i have my perlicks B) pick up from toowoomba would be easiest as i will be around all weekend. i am thinking $10 each but im open to offers :D i can send pics if needed
  20. benken25

    Buying Perlick Taps

    Hi all im looking at buying some taps of the beer tap sop on ebay. These are what im looking at I have read the perlick taps are good quality has anyone delt with this seller on ebay? or is anyone using these taps what are the pros and...