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  1. chappo1970

    The Ultimate Brewing Rig

    Fellow Brewerhood, Whilst I know this topic will be a how long is a piece of string, how much money is too much money to spend on a rig and completely subjective to the individual brewer, I love full automation, I hate the idea of automation, I imagine, I am curious as to what you think would...
  2. chappo1970

    Brisbane - Who's Having An Ag Brew Day Soon?

    Ok I know I have been missing in action for some months now. And not to go into any details but I separated from my wife so I am now happily single. Any how seeing that I lost all my brewing gear as well as my shirt I really want to get back into my one and only passion. Brewing Beer. I was...
  3. chappo1970

    Ahb Is Boring

    What's happened here? Where's all the lively beery chat gone here? Where's the botulism discussion? Where's the never use 2 yeasts strains in the one brew? Has AHB been taken over my aliens?
  4. chappo1970

    What To Do With A Stray Raven?

    Accidentally came across this stray Raven... What should i do with him?
  5. chappo1970

    Outlaw Breweries New Ute

    Seein' it drinkin' season soon with all the xmas parties and stuff Chappo decided to get a spankin' new ute to show off his awesome beers... Now I admit that ratting a perfectly good heap of shit is not everyones cup of ESB but imagine it with a fully workin bar in tray?
  6. chappo1970

    101 Uses For Your Empty Cans Of Goo

    Thought seeing the Greens hold power us brewers should be more green so here's some ideas to get the ball rolling... A new wave of telephony Organise the brewery Make a bitchin' sub box... Peace and beers Brewers :icon_cheers:
  7. chappo1970

    The New Under Class Of Brewer - Ager's

    Seems these days if your an AGer brewer your the new under class of brewer? I can appreciate that just cause you brew All Grain doesn't neccessarily make you a good brewer. I am certainly guilty of doing the odd crook brew. But I sense an attitude lately towards some of our more knowledgable...
  8. chappo1970

    Need A New Drinking Partner...

    Ok so me drinkin' partner ride on has finally carked it. The "Hydrostatic" drive has shyte itself and either needs to be rebuilt and replaced which will cost me around $2500. It was a King Cat which has served me well but I have also had a Toro which wasn't much chop. Frankly, both just haven't...
  9. chappo1970

    Another Chappo Brew Day 13 June With Guest Star Citymorgue2

    Fellow brewers looks like me good olde mexican mate CityMorgue2 has come to his senses and is staying at Che Chappo Manor for the weekend of the 12th June. (Another soul for the fire's of HELL... Bwahahahahahaha!!!!) Anyway he is keen to be shown how to brew Queenslander style (Is there another...
  10. chappo1970

    1963 Vw Beetle Ground Up Restoration

    Well I have "Bertie" here at Chappo manor and will start the restoration of him over Easter. I plan to do a full body off, ground up restoration and return him back to better than his former glory. I am still yet to finalize the over plan and design but it will definitely be a "California" style...
  11. chappo1970

    Brew Day Webcast

    Tomorrows brew day will be webcast for all the AHBers that might be interested in something fun? I'll post up details tomorrow when it's set up. Any advice would be appreciated? Chap Chap
  12. chappo1970

    Rat Rodding

    I have done up several old school cars now the last one was a HR Station wagon. Converted into a Woody. Anyway.... My next project just jumped out of no where and I am contemplating building a Rat Rod. Although I haven't discussed my desires with the person donating the car. I have a mates...
  13. chappo1970

    Chap Chap Looking For Able Brewers In Adelaide 16th March 2010

    I'll be in Adelaide on 16th of this month, next Tuesday, for business and was wondering if there is the opportunity to catch up with some of the highly esteemed Adelaide Brewerhood for a beer in the city? I know it's a school night, also short notice, so I'm not holding much hope but if I could...
  14. chappo1970

    Chappo's Bogan, Brew, Beer And Boobs Day

    Chappo's Bogan, Brew, Beer and Boobs Day Annual Sheep Shaggers Convention 20th March 2010. Ok my fellow Brewers I will be hosting the 2nd Annual Sheep Shaggers Convention 2010 so lets me explain the Bogan, Brew, Beer and Boobs Theme BOGAN: The dress of the day will be come as your favourite...
  15. chappo1970

    Babbs Mash Paddle Beer "chocolate Winter Warmer"

    Well I was pleasantly surprised to see that our mash paddle beer was the "Chocolate" winter warmer. As I have sat down with beer in one hand and the BJCP guideline in the other taking notes on styles that may suit I have realised how open the field is. Also dropped into Ross at lunch today for a...
  16. chappo1970

    Dedicated Herms Guide, Problems And Solution Thread

    Just wanted to ask and guage whether there would be much interest from the HERMies AHBers out there in having a dedicated HERMS thread where we can discuss our systems, procedures, set ups, theories, problems and solutions without the clouding banter that seems to creep into nearly every thread...
  17. chappo1970

    Partigyle Attemp

    Ok have a stab at a Partigyle this afternoon for a little bit of fun. Here's the recipe that I have done... Recipe Specifications -------------------------- Batch Size: 50.00 L Boil Size: 63.68 L Estimated OG: 1.089 SG Estimated Color: 21.2 EBC Estimated IBU: 39.2 IBU Brewhouse...
  18. chappo1970

    Are You A Homebrewer Or A Craftbrewer?

    The above quote comes from a forum member who I have decided to keep his/her or it's identity withdrawn from this thread. However I took offence to the above but then it got me thinking about this hobby, the history, the people I have met who homebrew and the associated label of being a...
  19. chappo1970

    Homebrew - Norfolk Island Style

    The Inlaws just got back from Norfolk Island and they bought me a cook book on Norfolk Is fair. Anyway tucked in the middle of the book is a recipe to make homebrew beer. I'll let you judge but it sounds like pretty good rugged stuff. 2lbs of malt 3lbs of brown sugar 1/4lbs of hops (variety not...
  20. chappo1970

    Babbs Mini Comps - Who's Going To Compete?

    As the New Year is wheeling around my thoughts have been steering towards what my goals for 2010 will be. Obviously #1 for me is giving up the bungers (yet again!) but moreover my goal this last year was to get my brewery properly set up so I could seriously compete and knock out some good...