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    Bayside Brewers Oktoberfest 2014

    Willkommen!!! Just an early shout out about the upcoming Bayside Brewers Oktoberfest competition for 2014. This competition is open to amateur brewers in all states of Australia, and is focused on the "German" styles of beer. Get brewing now, so those lagers have plenty of time to reach...
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    GABS. Who's going today?

    I've got my golden ticket burning a hole in my pocket right now. Who else is going to GABS this afternoon? I'm going to the 12:00-5:00 session. If you see a big guy in a black Bayside Brewers shirt, come up and say "Hi". I might even buy you a beer.
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    Refermenting in the keg?

    I have recently kegged an IPA that finished at a terminal gravity of 1.020 (from 1.079). This was after 2 weeks in a temperature controlled fridge at 18 degrees using BRY-97. I thought this a little odd, but checked the FG for 3 days consistently at the end of ferment, and it wasn't budging...