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  1. chappo1970

    So What Has Happened To All The People That Used To Go On The Chat

    Only cause your old! :ph34r: Chap Chap
  2. chappo1970

    Using Glad Wrap On Fermenter?

    Should be fine for a week or two as long as you leave it undisturbed. I gather you are meaning FG (Final Gravity) and not SG (Starting Gravity)? Otherwise pitch now ASAP!!!! Cheers Chap Chap
  3. chappo1970

    Qld Xmas Swap

    Sorry Daz but I am out. Just got too much on at this time but I want to thank you for hosting this event regardless. You Boys have a great time and enjoy hopefully next year we can all catchup again? Cheers Chap Chap
  4. chappo1970

    Babbs Members In Logan Or Springwood Area?

    Bogan Heights.... errr Boronia Heights :rolleyes: Looks like it might work? Benn out of the brewing scene for too long now but getting back in to it now I have Sherman back... I'll PM you my contact details and we can see if it will work. Maybe MossyRocks might join in as well? Cheers Chap...
  5. chappo1970

    Babbs Members In Logan Or Springwood Area?

    Where abouts in Logan are you Phillip? Cheers Chap Chap
  6. chappo1970

    Hey shitlips

    Hey shitlips
  7. chappo1970

    No Topic Thread

    You Da man Bonj! :super:
  8. chappo1970

    No Topic Thread

    Check PM for new number....
  9. chappo1970

    How Much Beer Do You Drink?

    Fella's Alcoholics go to meetings! Me I remain, to quoin a famous phrase "comfortably numb".... Ahhhhhh!!!!
  10. chappo1970

    Finally Back On The Horse....

    Onya Pok... I know exactly how you feel. About to mash my first brew in 12 months myself. :icon_cheers: Chap Chap
  11. chappo1970

    No Topic Thread

    Fark!!! I hope you are ok Mate?
  12. chappo1970

    What are you listening to

    Been having a Fooeys revival lately... Bought their greatest hits on iTunes 2 weeks back and seem to gravitate to it each session...
  13. chappo1970

    No Topic Thread

    You sold the beast B? I hope you are buying a new one? I regret ever getting out of bikes... Chap Chap
  14. chappo1970

    Need To Boil Ginger?

  15. chappo1970

    Need To Boil Ginger?

    What gives ginger it's flavour is it's volitile oils, being gingerols, no really it is! Anyway to get the most bang for your buck a boil will help release those oils. As for the peel, no peel argument, I'll leave that up to the "experts" :huh: Have fun with your GB. Cheers Chap Chap
  16. chappo1970

    Qld Xmas Swap

    Mind if I bring my new girl friend? And her two friends?
  17. chappo1970

    Qld Xmas Swap

    Done DEAL Mr Brad "Road Trip" it is as long as it doesn't end up like the Hangover part 1 or 2 :icon_cheers: Looks like I am getting Sherman back Phew! I will call soon to arrange mate. Cheers Chap Chap
  18. chappo1970

    Qld Xmas Swap

    Well Done DAZ! Good on ya for stepping up to the plate. Give us a holler if you need a hand as I know these things aren't the easiest to organise and any hand given is usually very appreciated. Chap Chap ATTENDING & SWAPPING 1. DKS - German lager. 2. Bradsbrew - Best Bitter. 3. Florian -...
  19. chappo1970

    Does My Aipa Need Rescuing?

    It's completely ruined! :icon_vomit: Better send the lot to me for analysis. I let you know how it turned out! PM me your address and I will remove the offending beer from your property.
  20. chappo1970

    REMEMBER: NEVER, EVER trust InCider with your case swap beers! I am leaving this as a public...

    REMEMBER: NEVER, EVER trust InCider with your case swap beers! I am leaving this as a public services anouncement. Love Chap Chap