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  1. mikem108

    Taphouse Bought By Mikkeller

    oops, thats what happens when you believe what you read in the paper http://thelocaltaphouse.blogspot.com/2011/...-bought-by.html
  2. mikem108

    Taphouse Bought By Mikkeller

    In the SMH yesterday news that the Taphouse's have been sold to Mikkeller http://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/restau...0910-1k2mb.html
  3. mikem108

    Castle Hill And Hills District 2011 Show Competition

    Can I get a lift with anyone on saturday? Can meet up in the city or inner west if required, please PM me Thnx
  4. mikem108

    Wyeast 3538 Pc Leuven Pale

    Leffe Clones great with this yeast
  5. mikem108

    Sierra Nevada@dan Murphys

    it ran out fast, got a 6 pack of torpedo on thursday, went back on sunday for some pale and there was only 2 stubbies left
  6. mikem108

    2011 Esb Winter Warmer Homebrew Competition

    aha the source of all that malt complexity!
  7. mikem108

    What are you listening to

    +1 on the Cure especially the remastered pack... However for me its really old blues, good brewing music :) Elizabeth Cotten, Rev Gary Davis, Lightnin Hopkins, Big Bill Broonzy Not so old Blues Muddy Waters, Howlin Wolf geting into it especially after seeing that movie Cadillac Records New...
  8. mikem108

    Whats Your Favourite Part Of Homebrewing?

    Cleaning, getting rid of the spent grain, sterilising everthing insight, cleaning some more, getting rid of hop sludge, more cleaning....I figure if you can't learn to love all the cleaning you might give up brewing :unsure:
  9. mikem108

    Brewshare Night In Sydney & Melbourne

    +1 Josh's comment, I just wish I could go, but usually work commitments etc.. blah blah
  10. mikem108

    2011 Ahb Sydney Pub Crawl

    Can we drop the Belgian place to save time? They do have Stella on tap so you'll be catered for Bjorn
  11. mikem108

    B Saaz Vs Saaz ?

    Quite a different character, if its B-Saaz (Motueka) that you want in your beer you should stick with that, true saaz is a much more subtle ingredient. B-Saaz description: "First impressions are a very lively and lifted lemon and lime followed by a background of tropical fruit...
  12. mikem108

    2011 Esb Winter Warmer Homebrew Competition

    if i come along, could bring the portable smoker Thats no way to refer to your wife Barls. B)
  13. mikem108

    2011 Esb Winter Warmer Homebrew Competition

    errr Just a bit later than 9, even 10 or 11 is better, after lunch ideal !
  14. mikem108

    2011 Esb Winter Warmer Homebrew Competition

    can we have a later start than 9am please :unsure:
  15. mikem108

    Scribbly Gum Lager & Portamarillo

    Potramarillo from Platinum
  16. mikem108

    Scribbly Gum Lager & Portamarillo

    Had the Mad Brewers Scribbly Gum Lager on saturday night, very soft unfiltered lager with just a hint of smoke, beautiful white creamy head a joy to drink followed it up with the Epic/Dogfish Head Portamarillo which was really interesting, there were some vegetal notes from the fruit but it sat...
  17. mikem108

    Well Done Shawn From Murray's

    Nice, he did the same for me when I got some undercarbed IPA's
  18. mikem108

    Taphouse Spectapular - 12th Feb

    Didn't get to try everything, next time I'll go 4 tasting paddles to get through all the beers but the ones I had: -Cucumber Sandwich - Summer Ale (Mountain Goat, VIC, 4.2%)- Great beer, very unusual with the cucumber slice, refreshing fruity hoppy -Organic Blueberry Hefeweizen (Otway Estate...
  19. mikem108

    What are you listening to

    Harlem River Blues by Justin Townes Earle, never thought I would like this kind of music but this album really grows on you. Live at Filmore West - Aretha Franklin, special guest Ray Charles Gimme Some Truth -John Lennon 4 CD boxed set National Ransom -Elvis Costello, not as good as the prevoius...
  20. mikem108

    Beer Related Hip Hop

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