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  1. mudd

    Temp Controllers - Blackburn Vic

    Pair of Fuji Electric PXR-9 temperature controllers (used) They are analog output versions. Model PXR9NCE1-FBMOO-A. $10 for both. Pickup in Blackburn Vic.
  2. mudd

    Heat exchange tank - Blackburn Vic

    For sale heat exchanger tank $30. Could be used for HERMS etc. Should be easy enough to fit a heating element. As it was previosly used in industry needs a bit of a clean up
  3. mudd

    Instant hot water system for sale - Blackburn Vic.

    For sale Electric instant hot water unit. $30. It's in a steel enclosure (a bit rusty) but could be pulled out. I believe it to be in working order. 2. heat exchanging tank its a bit grotty but I would expect to be able to clean up OK I planned to use these for a HERMS or the like. However...
  4. mudd

    Gas Burner control box - Blackburn Vic

    This Gas Burner control was previously used in industrial business for igniting LPG burners. Controller and solenoids only - No gas equipment. As is $40. Pickup Blackburn Vic. Control box including ON/OFF switch and flame failure indicator. Also includes 3 spare Brahma CM31U controllers...
  5. mudd

    Cleaning chemicals -Sodium Percab and Met

    Cleaning out my old brewing stuff. For offer home made PBW ingredients Sodium Percabonate Coated about 25kg I think it is Sodium Metalsilicate about 4kg To be sold together $20 as lot. About 2-3 years old (they are in separate airtight containers). Blackburn Vic Cheers Mudd
  6. mudd

    Sack of Viking Ale Malt, Blackburn Vic.

    For sale a sack of Viking Ale malt. I won't be able to brew with it so looking to offload it. It's about 6 months old $20 Pickup in Blackburn Vic PM me if your interested. Cheers Mudd
  7. mudd

    2 glass carboys for sale

    $20 for the pair. Pickup in Blackburn Vic PM me if interested. Cheers Mudd.
  8. mudd

    Free Fridge Blackburn Vic

    Free to good home good sized fermenting fridge (no controller). Used to hold a 55l conical fermenter, so could easily fit 2 std fermenters. Rusty on door, but still works well. I had no probs getting down to 0C. I need it gone by Sun morning or its going to recyclers. PM me if your interested...
  9. mudd

    SMASH challenge and homebrew Symposium 21 May

    Hi all, don't know if there has been a thread already on these two events as part of good beer week. Cryer Malt and Hop Products Australia SMASH comp - come and taste some brews from 6 Victorian home brew clubs you can vote for the best beer. Free...
  10. mudd

    Stereos info needed

    Hi all, anyone know where I can get good advice on stereo speakers. I picked up 2 different amps off the side of the road recently (in the same week). Marantz one for inside 7.1 stereo, only seems to have a problem with FM only one channel works. Power seems a bit glitchy but I think I just...
  11. mudd

    Netflix blocking VPN services

    After a big weekend at Beerfest thought I'd chill for an hour to unwind in front of the box. Feckers at Netflix have gone ahead and blocked VPN services. Seemingly they are serious about it. No chance I'm going to keep my subscription for the Aussie content. I'll give em a week to change their...
  12. mudd

    Pop up Brewery

    Hi all, something I've been thinking about is whether it is possible to set up a brewery to make a single batch of beer and turn a profit. Bear with me on this, my intent is this is a bit of a social experiment - partly because I think there are way too many hoops to jump through and up front...
  13. mudd

    Beerfest 2016 - Melbourne Brewers 26-27 Feb

    Hi All Details of beerfest are up - time to think about brewing for this comp the first in Vic for 2016, categories are up also http://aussiehomebrewer.com/topic/88747-the-melbourne-brewers-present-beerfest-26-27th-february-2016/?p=1331948, As always we will also be looking for judges and...
  14. mudd

    The Melbourne Brewers Present Beerfest 26-27th February 2016

    Main Details of Event: (For now a save the date mostly) - I'll try to keep these first few pages up to date with the latest information (that's the plan anyway) What: Home Brew Competition and Beery weekend Club: The Melbourne Brewers http://www.melbournebrewers.org/ Date 26-27th February...
  15. mudd

    Converting a 50L keg for bright beer (or Fermenting) for $25 (plu

    Hi All, I really need a method of aging and carbonating my beer without holding up fermenter space so I've been looking at options to convert a legally acquired 50L keg for the job. I've balked at the options of buying a conversion kit such as this...
  16. mudd

    Mudd's Randall

    I'm pretty keen at the moment on trying a few different aroma hops. Was thinking during the week a cheaper way to make a randall and ended up with this. First test tonight on whole coffee beans in my porter(don't spose I'll sleep now). Basically cost me nothing to make (stuff I had around)and...
  17. mudd

    Using 50l keg as bright beer tank

    Hi all. Wondering if anyone has thoughts on converting a 50l keg to a bright beer tank. I have recently been doing a run of lagers and finding my main fermenter and fridge is tied up a bit. I'm thinking I need an extra fridge for cold conditioning anyway. Just tossing up options of this vs...
  18. mudd

    Topics not showing in recent posts list

    Hi Guys, Wanting to promote events coming up for our brew club and noticing they don't show in recent posts. Would be great to have this changed or let me know what I'm doing wrong. I for one only scan in the recent posts when I'm on the forum. This is the topic...
  19. mudd

    Monster brew day - Melb Brewers

    Come and see a few different brewing systems in action at Melbourne Brewers Monster Brew Day. Next Sunday 12 April. Apparently it is customary to poke a little fun at everyone's system. Personally I'm looking forward to checking out how everyone else brews. A few different systems in action...
  20. mudd

    Melb Brewers Pouring at Scottish Festival 29th March 2015

    FREE BEER at the Ringwood (Vic) Highland Games 29th March Ringwood Highland Games is an Eastern Suburbs tradition dating back many years, The Eastern Suburbs was heavily populated by the Scottish in the founding years and has played a part in the shaping of this side of Melbourne...
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