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    FOR SALE. Copper. LPG Converted

    I have for sale a Simpson Copper which has been converted to LPG. It is in very good working condition. It brings 55 Lts to the boil fairly quickly with a high pressure reg. (High presure Reg. not included) I can suply a couple of free 45 Kg empty gas bottles if needed with the copper. At...
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    Brewing Gear for Sale Adelaide.

    There comes a time to give up your hobby/pastime/ passion, after 25 Plus years.Now in my 70 ies. Availabe below: Home Made Mill 150mm adjustable rollers (works great) on moveable stand and 240 v motor. $75 Copper converted to lpg gas supply. $65 Iglo mash tun $60 Fridge with temp control...
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    18 Gallon S/s Kegs For Sale. Adelaide.

    I have Two 18 Gallon S/S Kegs for sale at $85 each. They have had the tops Plasma cut out and drilled for 1/2 Inch weld on or bolt on tap. Both spotless in side.You will need to weld a disc in the side wall hole or drive a silicone bung in place. The bung would be cheaper and cleaning eazy...
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    Launceston Holiday.

    Visiting your area in a few weeks and would like to know where the good beers are served. What do you suggest. I will check them out. Thanks.
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    New Nasa Burners For Sale. Adelaide.

    For Sale are two New Nasa Burners. I have been told that these are not available in SA any more. Great burners for single or double batches. Cheap at $35 each. Pm if interested.
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    New Burners Available.and 18 Gallon Kegs. Adelaide.

    I have two New Burners available. I do not think you can buy them now,not in Adelaide anyway, according to Globe Import where these came from years ago. If you want one or both, Pm with your best offers as I'm not sure what is a fair price for them. Can not remember what i paid. I have one...
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    Wanted Empty Elgas 45kg Gas Bottle.adelaide.

    I have changed suplier and like to swap an empty Origin 45 Kg for an Elgas empty. Pm if you have a empty Elgas you dont need. Thanks. Don.
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    Wanted Elgas 45kg Empty For I Or 2 Origin Of Mine

    Any Adelaide brewers want to swop their empty Elgas empty 45 KG gas bottle for one or two of my Origin empties? Pm if you are interested.
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    Will Swop 1 X Origin 45 Kg Empty For 2 X Elgas Empty.

    Any Adelaide brewers want to swop their empty Elgas empty 45 KG gas bottle for one or two of mine origin empties? Pm if you are interested.
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    Kegs 18 Gallon For Sale Adelaide

    I have 4 18 Gallon Kegs for sale. All spotless inside and used for home brewing. One has been converted for use as a kettle. At $100 each they are great double batch kettles. PM me if interested.
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    Brewery, Bottling And Packaging Equip., Auction.adelaide

    Hi Brewers, 200 x 50 Lt., kegs for auction along with brew tower, ss tanks, keg washer bottler and capper,etc. Grays are conducting the auction on behalf of Bickfords at Salisbury South. Inspection 3 rd June. Check to days Advertiser for more information. Don.
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    Brewing Info, Pics., Website.

    Hi all, If you have not checked out this site, there may be something of interest to you. Go to www.beerdujour.com then click on to Fred's Homebrew Pages.
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    Harris Scarfe (SA) have 2kg x 1gm scales on sale from today. They are reduced from $60 down to $19, looks good. Check out your junk mail for details, thought this may be of interest guys. Donmac.
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    After C/f/chiller Ice Bath (2)

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    After Counterflow Ice Water

    Hi all, With summer upon us , it is not easy to drop the wort temp. quickly and low enough to pitch larger yeast . Firstly, I previously have a counter flow chiller connected to the boiler through which I pass bore water (From my back yard bore) at the max., flow possible through the chiller...
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    Brewing In Your Suburb

    I live at (Henley Beach in Adelaide) and often catch the drifting aromo from a grain brewer or two in my area unknown to me. I am an a/g brewer of several years and wonder if others thinking of taking the step into a/g brewing think, I would very much like to pop in and check out the...
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    Counter Flow Chillers And Braiding.

    Hi brewers, I have surplus to my requirements and available for pick up only beach side Adelaide the gear listed.One new counter flow chiller 8 mt. 3/8 copper coil inside hose with all the fittings assembled ready to use for $95 and one that I have been using and in good condition for $60...
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    Boiler S/s 18 Gallon For Sale

    Hi all , I have a 18 Gallon S/S keg for sale. I have plasma cut open the top and will cut a hole for the tap size you want. It is in top condition and is available for $140. I also have 2 X 50 Lt., S/S kegs from overseas that have been converted ( no taps fitted) they are drilled for !/2 inch...
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    Hi all, are you about to brew a/g. I have some imported kegs (only a hand full) 2 counter flow chillers and some braiding for pick up only, for sale . Pm me for details. Don.
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    S/s Pub Type Drip Tray For Sale + Some A/g Newbygear

    I have for pick only s/s pub type pouring drip tray in good condition for $15, sorry no photo. If you are setting up for a/g I have some gear that may be of interest :beerbang: .You may pm me for phone noumber . Don.