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  1. J

    Growing Hops

    Hello, Has anyone here ever grown your own hops. My dad just bought two rhizomes. Is it ok just to plant then along a fence? How much flowers can he expect to harvest? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Josh
  2. J

    Gidday From Alaska

    Hey Arab, I am glad you are liking the beers. The Deschutes - Mirror Pond is brewed really close to where I used to live. It has a very nice brew pub if you have time. If you see any Bidgeport ESB definitly try it. It is a good Portland beer. The Sierra Nevada is pretty good but very...
  3. J

    Maize In American Style Beers

    As a aside I just read somewhere the Bud or Anhieser-Busch, cant remeber which one, is the largest buyers of rice in the US. That is alot of rice. If only they would buy grain instead :beer:
  4. J

    Kwak Glass (coachman)

    Sorry but what is a coachman glass? I have never heard of it. Josh
  5. J

    Coopers Stout - Ready For Secondary?

    @oddball So was that your first batch that you are drinking? I have to say if your first batch is drinkable then you are way ahead of me. Mine was terrible not that I poured it out :chug: Cheers, Josh
  6. J

    Macquarie Hotel Brewery

    Hello, I dont want to sound like a noob here but since I am fairly new to Sydney can some one give me that address to the Hotel. I am always looking for some good microbrews. Thanks, Josh
  7. J

    Northside Meeting Tomorrow Night

    Hi Peter, Can you give me some more information on your group. I am looking for a club to join. I recently moved to Sydney from the States and am wanting to get back into brewing. Thanks, Josh
  8. J

    Brew Club In Sydney?

    Wow thanks for the quick reply Doc. I will look them up. Josh
  9. J

    Brew Club In Sydney?

    Hello Everyone? I have just moved to Sydney form the States and am looking forward to brewing again. I was looking for a club in Sydney. I just cant seem to find one. I live in Newtown and dont have a car so that puts a limit on my mobility. Can anyone help me? Thanks, Josh
  10. J

    Introduce Yourself.

    Hello, So I just found this site. I have recently moved to Australia from the States. I have been brewing for a couple of years now. Mostly partly mashes. I really like European beer. I am also looking to start brewing again as I had to get rid of all my brewing equipment so if anyone...