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    Long Ferment

    Hi All, I put a Bavarinan Lager in last Saturday morning, the temp has been held at a constant 20 to 24 degrees all week, I used 1 kg of Dextrose and added the yeast from the pack (Coopers) it started to work after 24 hours and is still working, 1 bubble every 10 seconds, it has been going like...
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    Adding Hops Tablets

    Hi All Can anyone give me some advice on Hops Tablets. I have a Barvaian Lager (Coopers) in at the moment and working well, been down for three days. I am going to rack it and let it sit for a few days before bottling, can i add hops to that?. How much will it change the taste Thks Yoyo
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    Bitter Taste

    Hi All, Well the update continues....... The bubbling has stopped, the Sg was 1006. The wife wants the barrel gone, the kids claim they will go to the union for more money if I dont pay more attention to them. I lifted the lid very gently and set up to rack. Couldn't resist a little taste...
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    Potential - None

    :unsure: Oh Dear! So there I was, at the local Hardware/Brewing supplies store, standing in line waiting to pay the bill for a tool I needed to fix something or other that I didn't know I owned, looking over the home brewing supplies when the urge took me, I brought a kit for the first time. I...