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    Exploding Bottles

    I always bottle a couple of extra brews in the batch and use them as sacrificial beers to test the carbonation of the brew.Usually after 5 days,i'll crack the top on the first one and see what happens,no real explosion of gas means okay usually.The second one i test at around 2 weeks to get a...
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    Sg Points

    I've noticed that some people seem to know how many sg points a particular ingredient might have on a volume of brew,is there a table available to work this out? :rolleyes:
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    Improving Beer Flavoured Water

    RE: Ipa and the bread yeast.From what i've read on other forums and this one as well,bread yeast doesn't produce any alcohol,or maybe a little.By the sound of youre brew it doesn't ruin the flavour,so it would be ideal for making brews for the missus if she don't wanna get pissed or even for a...
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    Stuck Brew, What Would You Do?

    How would adding a complete yeast nutrient and then pitching a new yeast work i wonder? <_<
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    What Sg To Look For?

    I've found that adding an extra 300 grams dex. to brew enhancers usually brings the fg down a few points compared to just the bag alone. :P
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    Best Kit And Kilo Recipes

    I'd have to say coopers canadian blonde with 1.5 kilo's of brew enhancer 2 as my best to date. :)
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    Improving Beer Flavoured Water

    Just out of curiosity,how do you totally dissolve the DME in water without boiling it to get rid of the lumps? <_<
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    Coopers Kits

    Don't get me wrong on this,these kits still make good beer with malt and a little hops,it's just that they seem to lack something,could evven be the yeast.The candy sugar was made from icing sugar with a little citric acid to invert it.As far as infections go,i don't think i've ever had one to...
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    A Case Of What ?

    A carton of caffreys red from Ireland,goood stuff. :P
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    Excessive Head

    That fg is excellent for that amount of malt,meaning the yeast must have very good attenuation.I've been using safale so4 with my ales and can't get an fg below 1010,especially using all malt. :beerbang:
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    Coopers Kits

    After brewing around 18 coopers kits in the last couple of months i've come to one conclusion,that most of the range,apart from stout and dark ale,taste the same.Ive used varying amounts of malt,candy sugar and the dreaded sucrose on them with very similar results in flavour and body.The most...
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    X-tract Pale Sg 1020 After A Week

    If you do asearch for John Palmer on the top right of this page,you will find the link for the full book.Cheers. :P
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    X-tract Pale Sg 1020 After A Week

    There is an interesting article in John Palmers how to brew thar could explain the reason for a stuck fermentation.He goes on to explain that there is a chemical complex called FAN,which yeast use to metabolise food.Apparently a lot of kits and some extracts are adulterated with cane sugar which...
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    Adding Hops

    Why can't the hops schedule be done in plain water instead of in the extract mix?The hops mix and the extract could be added together in the fermenter to max. volume and then cooled ,maybe! <_<
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    Alcohol Percentage

    Thanks for the formula mate, it'll come in handy somewhere along the line. :chug:
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    Alcohol Percentage

    I've just been using the brewcraft sg estimator to see what effects different ingredients have on the gravity and alcohol concentration.One of my readings was 1046 sg and 1013 fg with an alcohol level of 5.5 percent.I then ran these figures through the chart that came with my hydrometer and with...
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    Myth Busters - Chilling Beer The Fastest

    I use my chestfreezer to chill my brews down rapidly,it only takes an hour and a half. B)
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    Wheat Malt

    Coopers draught is probably the best kit on the market in my opinion,i've yet to wreck it,even using white sugar. :)
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    Bottles -> How Many Times

    The bottles that i am using at the moment have been sitting in a pit for 8 years and i haven't had a an explosion yet. :)
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    Wheat Malt

    What effect would 500 grams of wheat malt have on a draught,a NZ draught.?Planning on using 1 kg of coopers be2 with this brew. <_<