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    Sg Points

    I've noticed that some people seem to know how many sg points a particular ingredient might have on a volume of brew,is there a table available to work this out? :rolleyes:
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    Coopers Kits

    After brewing around 18 coopers kits in the last couple of months i've come to one conclusion,that most of the range,apart from stout and dark ale,taste the same.Ive used varying amounts of malt,candy sugar and the dreaded sucrose on them with very similar results in flavour and body.The most...
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    Adding Hops

    Why can't the hops schedule be done in plain water instead of in the extract mix?The hops mix and the extract could be added together in the fermenter to max. volume and then cooled ,maybe! <_<
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    Alcohol Percentage

    I've just been using the brewcraft sg estimator to see what effects different ingredients have on the gravity and alcohol concentration.One of my readings was 1046 sg and 1013 fg with an alcohol level of 5.5 percent.I then ran these figures through the chart that came with my hydrometer and with...
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    Wheat Malt

    What effect would 500 grams of wheat malt have on a draught,a NZ draught.?Planning on using 1 kg of coopers be2 with this brew. <_<
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    Malt And Alcohol %

    I recently bought a 500 gram bag of coopers light dry malt and started reading the info on the side panel.Under the heading of alcohol produced it claims to ferment out to .8%.Could this be a typo or is that ralistic figure for 500 grams of malt?I was always under the impression that 1.5 kilos...
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    Brewing Sugar

    To any first time brewers out there,don't make the same mistake i did and use these so called brewing sugars,there shit.I got sucked in by the write up on the side of the pack which claims that the sucrose completely ferments out,leaving a nice full bodied beer.What crap,it left me 50 bottles of...
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    Hop Bitterness

    Has anyone got a list of hop IBU's ranging from mildly bitter through to very bitter.I've got access to a hop weight calculator,but wouldnt have a clue as to how bitter a certain amount of IBU's is eg. how bitter is 30 IBU's?This would be for a 23 litre brew.Thanks,Wiggins.
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    First Extract Brew

    I'm looking for a recipe to brew from malt extract,adding my own hops.Anybody got a recipe to start with that will give me a good brew.Thanks. <_<
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    Using The Hydrometer

    I recently rang coopers hotline to find out why my draught had an fg of 1015 for two days with BE2 as the only adjunct.The bloke from coopers told me to fill a quarter of a glass with the first run from the tap and throw this away,Then take another sample and fill the test tube till it is...
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    Too Much Water

    G'day I,ve just started brewing a coopers canadian blonde with brew enhancer 2.Rehydrated the yeast and boiled the wort to sterilise.The only problem is ,when i took the sg at the start it read 1030,which is a bit low for my liking.I accidently put 24 litres of water in the fermenter and am...
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    Finished Fermenting

    Ive got a problem with my brews, they brew out in 2 days to around 1010 sg and after that there is no bubbling through the airlock. Im using coopers brew enhancer 2 and have the temperature at around 20 to 24 degrees all the time. Is it safe to bottle at this stage or should i let it go for...
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    Slow Fermentation?

    hi ,ive just put a coopers stout down with brew enhancer 2 and the standard yeast.it started bubbling straight away ,but after 4 hours it still wont bubble more than once every 5 minutes, did i do something wrong or is this normal.my previous coopers brews have all started brewing very...