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    Bulk Priming For First Time

    Hi Boys, well i have finally got myself a second fermenter and a m about to give bulk priming a go. So how much dextrose will i need for a whisker under 23 litres. I have been told everything from 150g up to 200g. I thought it was simply 6g X 30 bottles = 180g + 10% for dextrose. That would make...
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    Rehydrating Yeast?

    Last night i put a 1.7Kg Stockmans Draught + 1.5Kg's Extra Pale Malt Extract down. I did not use any of your idea's on hops as i just want to try this style of Full Malt beer first. Anyway for some reason i thought it would be a good idea to rehydrate my yeast. So i put 250ml's of boiled water...
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    Should I Add Hops Or Not?

    I am about to put down another brew, so far i have got Morgans Stockmans Draught and a 1.5Kg tin of unhopped extra pale malt extract. My question is should i add extra hops? if so what type? I have only ever used the hops that are in like a big tea bag, MB-89 from memory.
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    Bulk Priming In Primary Fermenter

    As i don't own a second fermenter for bulk priming and i was wondering if i could add my priming solution into the fermenter and stir so as not to stir up the cake, then bottle. I can't see why this would not work as the cake seems to be faily stable. What do you guys think?
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    To Airate The Wort Or Not?

    I have been reading a bit about what all u guys have been saying about airating the wort before pitching yeast. Why do we need to do this. I just dump & stir then fill with water from the tub tap. My last brew was a Morgans Aust Old with 1.5Kg's Black Rock DME + hops and it took 10 days to go...
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    Re: Help - When Should I Bottle

    Thanks for the previous advise fella's. Just a quick one, As i was going to bottle on Sunday how long can i leave my sterile bottles before i have to do em again. They are still standing upside down in milk crates with clean towels under them to drain on.
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    Last Sunday night i put a brew down that consisted of: Morgans Australian Old with 1.5kg's Black Rock DME & MB-89 (CL-80) Hops, start gravity was 1042. It as been brewing now for a full 8 days at 20 deg. I checked the gravity yesterday it was 1016 and this morning it was abouyt 1015. My...
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    How Much Beer Do You Drink A Week?

    A question for all. Because everyone who i have told that i homebrew seems to think that i am some type of out of control drinking machine. Anyway boys, HOW MUCH DO YOU CONSUME IN A WEEK?
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    Stout Advise

    I got given a couple of bottles of homebrew "stout" yesterday, and it was not bad. I had never had it before and was wondering what was the best "dump & stir" brand to buy and with what type of sugar or malt extract. Also should it have a head? as this stuff just looked like coke but tasted like...
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    Help With Ginger Beer.

    I made my first ginger beer brew a few weeks ago with the Beermakers kit & 1kg of raw sugar. Everything seemed to go as per the instructions, and i bottled at about 1005. But the problem is there is no fizz. I used the Coopers carb. drops (2 per bottle) ans i used the plastic PET bottles that...
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    Priming With Dextrose?

    I am into my first brew now, and its not bas, even though i bottled a bit early and had to recap after a week. But one thing i have noticed is the bottles i primed with Dextrose seem to have a smaller/tighter fizz as compared to the carbonation drop bottles. Is this a common thing? And as they...
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    What's The Lowest Brewing Temp?

    I just bought a new 2nd fridge, and was wondering if i could brew in the fridge. I would have to test what its highest temp would be, but would guess it to be about 5 or 6 deg. Is this too cold to brew at? And i am sure my Mrs does not want me mucking around with the new fridge by adding a new...
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    How Far To Fill A Long Neck?

    Hi there again, as you can see i am new to this and got a thousand questions. Was wonding this time, what is the correct level to fill my longnecks. As i have some that are filled almost to the top and a couple that are about 3 or 4 inches from the top. What can i expect to happen? And it castor...
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    Morgan's Stockmans Draught

    Hi there, i am just about to put my 2nd brew down and i got the above mentioned kit. I am going to use about 1.2kg's OF dextrose and the Lager yeast that came with the morgans kit. Is there anything i should know before i get this puppy going, like- 1- i was told that adding less water, no less...
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    What's The Best Tooheys Old Recipe

    I am looking for a brew number 2 to put down after my Cooper Lager disaster. I like Tooheys old but there is so many different recipes using ESB, BLACK ROCK And a host of others. Has anyone have a good simple recipe using full malt as i think using sugar is not going to be the go.
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    How To Keep My Fermenter Cool?

    I live in Newcastle so it get's hot in summer. As i am new to this game i am looking for all the advise i can get. I have been told that i need to keep my brew under 27 deg. or lower. So i thought about getting a large plastic tub to sit my fermenter in and filling it half with water and...
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    Will My Bottles Explode?

    I got my first brew kit for christmas and quickly proceeded to brew my first batch of Cooper Lager using the Coopers sugar in the kit. Now for some reason i threw in a pack of Dry enzyme when i pitched the yeast, with a 1047 hydrometer reading. Anyway for 3 days the air lock bubbled away and...