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    WTB: Melbourne - Old forgotten about hops

    I have stuff that predates the dinosaurs (2010). I won't be back from the US till Xmas though. What are you using it for?? I read once there was some style that used stale hops. I should have more than a measley 200gm (I cannot throw it out!). Message me.
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    Queensland Breweries: Which ones are the best to visit?

    Thanks to all for your responses. Reuven
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    Queensland Breweries: Which ones are the best to visit?

    Hi All: A mate is heading to Queensland tomorrow and wants to know which are the best breweries worth visiting. Any suggestions appreciated. R
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    Guess the homebrew purchase

    Would this be correctly called a 'microbrewer'??
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    Brooklyn Brewery visit

    Was a great brewery tour. So many around town. BB was where I "found" my 'Brewery This Way' sign that sits on the door of my beer room. Since you are so close to New Hampshire and Vermont, I would suggest brewery hopping, especially to Harpoon Brewery.
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    Free Malt - S/E suburbs Melb

    Ill be in for 5 of each if still spare please. R
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    garage clearout - melb western suburbs

    I'll take the 40 temp controller if Hairy drops out.
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    Safety warning/product recall - Portable 'Lunchbox' cookers

    Does this mean that if returned, they will be replaced free with stuff that won't explode?
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    1st Anniversary Courage Brew SELL

    Bottle no.1773 is being listed here for $300: http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/wurtulla/collectables/courage-1st-anniversary-brew-magnum/1066821061
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    FS, 140ltr pot (Vic)

    how much is it?
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    FS, 140ltr pot (Vic)

    I guess I am not the only thing aroused at the moment!
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    Sparkling Plum Wine

    Can you please post me the recipe Gareth. I have pulped a great deal and am interested in the same thing.
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    Cider in green bottles

    I believe it is the hops in beer which is affected by UV. Heat etc is a no no, however if you sre storing in reasonably cool conditions out of sunlight, you would be perfectly fine.
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    Jao The Ultimate Beginners Mead Recipe

    This was the mead that got me started. I have since moved on to bigger (25L batches) and better (Cactus Fruit Mead) things but always brew this one. It is at the request of my wife who rarely drinks any alcohol. Even leaving it on the yeast for an extra several months (5?) did nothing to taint...
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    (Vic 3550) Free cleaned bottles...

    Might pass. Bit of a drive. Thanks guys.
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    (Vic 3550) Free cleaned bottles...

    Where are you Azza?