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    Barvarian Wheat Beer

    Hi ive just put on this beer kit with the brew booster pack thats recomended for it and im realy interested in how this will turn out has anyone els done this kit ?? how was it _________________ :beer:
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    Two Can Brew

    hey what would happen if i put down a two can mix and add one kg of sugar.
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    More % Please

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- keen to experiment. im gonna do a cheap brand draught and ad two kgs of suguar to get a hit from. and to knock my mates socks off. any tips??? i was thinking i would need to use two packets of yeast. all round...
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    Two Can

    has anyone done a two can home brand latley? how was it
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    Strawberry Blonde

    hi all i am going to give this a shot 1.7 kg can coopers canadian blonde 1kg coopers brew enhancer 1 325 grams strawberry clover honey just wondering if i can use a saflarger yeast with this one. and where to pick up the clover honey cheers if someone can help me out. :)
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    Coopers Apple

    hi i was going to buy one of those apple coopers brand beer just from the local super market , but im not up to adding hops and all that other stuff as yet. so is this not a bad beer. what temps do i stay between and can i add a saf lager yeast insted?? :party:
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    Hi Brewers Just want to hear from anyone who brews into stubbies Not long necks . just want to find weigh up the Pros and cons.
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    Easy Brew

    hi im just starting out and im after easy recipe to get going with to get the feel of things. i would like to put down a larger this weekend , somthing like a crownie, somthing easy to make but a nice taste. any hints? B)
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    Capping Old Twist Top Bottles

    hi got my self one of those bench cappers the outher day as im planning to cap old twist top bottles. i had a test run on an empty bottle and after i capped it , itwas like it was to loose. the box it came in did say that would happen but the gas of the beer would tighten it up more. can anyone...
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    just picked up my kit and got a 5g pack of finings with it. what do i do with that??? :blink:
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    Tooheys Larger

    <_< has anyone got a tooheys larger on at the moment?/ Hows it going
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    Bench Capper

    Hi all . just wondering if someone can give me a ruff price on a bench capper please. cheers :beer:
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    hi alll im geting my first starter kit this weeknd and ive read so much . got a few tips and tricks. but what is a blonde. people tell me now is the time to start brewing blondes. so can anyone help.. :ph34r: