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    Sulphur Smell....help!

    I have just put down a Bavarian Lager with 1kg of strawberries in syrup(boiled this for 15 mins)+ 1kg dextrose. It is now day 2 and it smells pretty rancid. I was wondering if this batch is a lost cause, or should I see it all the way through.Any insights would be great. Cheers
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    Coles Bargains!

    Just thought I'd let you guys know that I went to Coles today, and they were selling "Wander" kits at $2.20 (going out of stock I think). So I bought the whole lot, which was about 8 cans. Any ideas as to what I could do with these bargains? My next project is to do a chilli beer, any hints...
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    Muntons Imperial Stout Ideas.

    I was wondering if anyone had some ideas on making this stout a bit more potent. The package says it get's to about 4.5% , but I want to give it a bit of a kick. I am still relatively a beginner at this( about 12 brews so far).Would adding dextrose affect it's taste a great deal? any ideas...
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    Ahb Meetings-newbie

    hello there all..... I have been brewing for about 3 months now( doing K+K brews...up to about number 6 brew now) and was wondering where all you guys have brewers meets in Sydney. I currently have 2 fermenters, and my list of future brews are growing longer by the day. Ever since I started I...