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    Very Bitter Wort

    Hi all. I have just tried to jazz up a kit and kilo.I had a kit of coopers Canadian blonde and brew enhancer 2.To jazz it up I cracked 250 grams of traditional ale grain and steeped in a litre of water at 60 c for 45 mins. I then sparged and boiled the wort for 30 mins ( I was going to boil for...
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    Boiling A Kit

    Hi, noob question but what is achieved by boiling your 1.7 kg of liquid extract in water before adding to the fermenter? TaBrendon
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    Kit And Kilo To Partial

    Hi all. I've done 6 extract kits now and whilst they taste different they all have the home brew taste or "twang" or whatever you want to call it.I've brewed draught, lager, cerveza, bitter and cannot escape it, tried different yeasts, let sit for 2 weeks in the fermenter etc but the aftertaste...
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    Did The Washing Machine Kill My Brew

    Hi all.As mentioned in my previous post I put down my third brew on Sun night. Anyway it was chugging nicely this morning in the laundry, problem is the wife has done three loads of washing today and I think the vibration from this has caused an eruption of my brew. I'll check with the...
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    Aust Coopers Lager

    Hi All, first post here. Ive put down an Oz Coopers Lager kit yesterday, my third brew, was unprepared so only added 1kg dextrose. Anyway as I was brewing I thought this is a bit boring, Ive read a bit about adding hops etc so I have this question; The brew has been in for 24 hours, Ive...