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  1. scomet

    PSA: Consider removing your keg tap springs

    3 different taps, all springs removed, I agree they pour much better beers; BUT if you knock a tap by mistake or a drunk reveller fails to shut the tap off properly omg the living rooms covered in BEER…..
  2. scomet

    Using honey

    Klosey you will need a bit more than a cup per 19L, say about 2kg. One i’m brewing this year, interestingly the recipe says long mash at 65c no mash out….. WA honey has a big taste I’m expecting big things!
  3. scomet

    Sweet taste? Help!!!

    My comments were initially regarding what Skillz wanted to achieve in his question of reducing his overly sweet beer. By having a low temperature mash (64 to 69) with no mash-out you get a very fermentable wort. I still sparge but only at Top Heat, you get a slightly lower Og and a nice and...
  4. scomet

    Sweet taste? Help!!!

    He went from 1054 to 1013 hence why I suggested getting it a little lower, not hard to do with a good process Lots of articles / recipes I have read recently suggest this top heat, I do it with all my 'bitter styles' it seems to preserve a certain taste I thought his efficiency was a bit low...
  5. scomet

    Sweet taste? Help!!!

    Which we do... I was referring to his recipe
  6. scomet

    Sweet taste? Help!!!

    G’day Skillz, my 2c fwiw, your fg is quite good your hops are not what I use much. Sweetness is subjective :-} I like my beer dry and bitter, the malt bill looks ok. Working with what you’ve got - I would consider not having a mash-out and keep the 'top heat' to 67C Getting the fg down to 1005...
  7. scomet

    Removal of the grey muck Trog? just before the boil

    The scum that forms as you ramp up to the boil yes, anything after that gets stirred into the boil; that is all taste and body and goodness.......
  8. scomet

    What are you brewing 2020

    90min mash and 90min boil is my minimum standard now 'you can taste the difference'.
  9. scomet

    Gout remedies that work

    Hi Grmblz, if your lucky thats where you get it, as stated before it’s a very serious condition that can strike any joint in your body (I know) Understanding correct medical intervention that works for 'YOU' is critical if you get severe attacks, I dont think our modern life style helps and...
  10. scomet

    Gout remedies that work

    Wait till you get gout in your hip or your spine!! then you'll start to learn how to manage it properly.....
  11. scomet

    Consolidating Hop Inventory

    Sacrilege + i think you should have some Sazz. ps Good post btw
  12. scomet

    US election

    They seriously think he was sent by god!? these fundamentalists are a bunch of nutters...
  13. scomet

    End of Boil Lid On Question

    I use tea towels, couldn't brew and ferment without them, all the same brand from Coles washed and folded for the 'brewery' the wife thinks i'm mad...... Cheers
  14. scomet

    kegland ro filter thingy me job

    Yes yes and yes (imho) 10052-psi-020pg-3-stage-reverse-osmosis-system-with-gauge-low-waste-1.html Pay a bit more for a unit with a Dow-Filmtech membrane, ps check your water pressure
  15. scomet

    Reverse Osmosis Water

    Have read of this https://aussiehomebrewer.com/threads/ro-water-filter-recommendation.101280/ Heaps more threads on this subject... Cheers
  16. scomet

    1927 Coopers Sparkling Ale recipe... and table sugar!

    I love Coopers Sparkling Ale, strong, simple, crisp, a great beer. What Mark says about the choice of Maris Otter + I think it would be a bit too cloying for this beer. I would invert the sugar prior to adding and use a Coopers Grain, as Mark says Schooner would be a good choice + I dont think...
  17. scomet

    Woke up to the smell of Beer!

    Once bottled they go into cardboard boxes to mitigate that likely hood and are kept at 18c ; never had a single failure or under carbonated beer, I carefully nip the lids up tight to ensure a good seal, they dont need returning just chucked in the recycling - Cheers Guys...
  18. scomet

    Woke up to the smell of Beer!

    Correct kadmium, Triumph Brewings new 2ltr stubbie. These Coles soda water bottles are brilliant, cheap hold spectacular pressure I brew 25ltr 19 in the keg balance in soda bottles for mates
  19. scomet

    Woke up to the smell of Beer!

    BOOM shattered, the bottles were virtually new, seals perfect. Q/ how much gas space should i be leaving? it was about 20mm do they need more? my mates wife uses them for kombucha and has never had a problem! No way they were anywhere near 80psi.. Thx Guys
  20. scomet

    Woke up to the smell of Beer!

    I wasn't blaming the swing top, just referring to the bottle style - going in the bin! Back to my Coles soda PEPs' the new 2ltr 'Big Weekender Stubbie' is a ripper - Cheers....