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  1. Lurks

    [Melbourne] Brew fridge, kegs, CO2, bits and bobs

    Getting shot of my brew gear, moving interstate. Beer fridge (clean, modern) + two taps fitted + sturdy steel drip tray Four kegs Keg King 2.6Kg CO2 bottle - last swapped late last year Micromatic regulator 2 x 1 to 3 gas distributor Various posts and fittings inc 2 x plastic plastic beer taps...
  2. Lurks

    Decent temperature sensor?

    Chaps, I'm looking for suggestions on a cheap ghetto thermometer sensor that I can use for mashing and sparging. So ideally 1C accuracy in the 60-75C range. To do this job I knocked up a digital thermometer out of an arduino and bits lying around (pictured), based on DS18B20 sensors. I've used...
  3. Lurks

    Useless flow from cheapo flow-restrictor tap

    This has come up before. Celli knock off taps which occasionally have very poor flow. I have two of them and one of them is fine and the other is so slow to be useless, even turned on full. A mate has a couple of them and his are fine too so it's a bit of a lottery. I disassembled them both...
  4. Lurks

    How not to fit taps to your fridge

    Earlier I documented the omnishambles relating to the acquisition of a new fridge. Specifically how I wasted half a day disassembling and trouble shooting the fridge only to find that it was as simple as needing the damn egg tray mounted on the front door to switch the door sensor. Continuing...
  5. Lurks

    The perils of being a meddler: Outfoxing yourself

    I bought a second hand fridge for beer fermenting/conditioning. It's a total monster at 450L. Total bargain, it's only a couple of years old and cost me $240 off Gumtree and the bloke delivered it for a few notes more. I let it settle for a few hours and fire it up. It beeps at me gently to...
  6. Lurks

    How to improve your old man's home brew?

    My old man is a recalcitrant bastard. He's been brewing coopers tins K&K style since I can remember. Well over 20 years. I only realised it was possible to up my game and participate in the whole all-grain thing a few years ago. So any conversation with my old man generally involves him saying...
  7. Lurks

    Best way to siphon up wort (and not trub)

    Hello chaps, I'm quite happy with my set up now but there's one thing I'm having a spot of bother with. After the boil, trying to suck up the wort into my fermenter without sucking up trub. My kettle is a rather large 50L pot, which is quite wide and therefore shallow when I get to the bottom...
  8. Lurks

    Ghetto Lauter - Take Two

    As you may recall I tried the bucket-in-bucket lauter tun 'ghetto' contraption for my last brew day, making the move from BIAB. I suffered from a stuck sparge which was sub optimal and my efficiency worked out at near 70%, a fair bit less than my old process. So this time I decided to...
  9. Lurks

    Avoiding Stuck Sparging With Bucket-in-bucket

    As I discussed in the AG forum (erroneously), I had a crack at using the ghetto lauter bucket-in-bucket system in a brew. Overall it worked but only after I literally poured my sparge water into it - up to that point it was completely stuck. John Palmer's How to Brew discusses this situation...
  10. Lurks

    Ghetto Lauter Tun Assessment

    Did my first brew using the ghetto lauter tun, eg bucket in a bucket. Some stuff went wrong, some went right. What went wrong was that the sparge became stuck. I waited... jiggled a bit, stirred the top part of the mash a little, and then stirred down at the bottom to try free it up which...
  11. Lurks

    Bulk Priming: Gosh I'm Crap At It

    It's not rocket science is it? Well apparently you can still cock it up royally because I have not one but two brews which have fire hydrant bottles and flat bottles in the same batch. Obviously there's not enough stirring involved. I foolishly thought that if I left it for 20 min or so the...
  12. Lurks

    Torrified Wheat - Colour?

    Cracking open a fresh glistening bag of grains from G&G for Nelson Sauvin Summer Ale *, I'm surprised by seeing black grains in my kettle. The recipe only has two grains, Marris Otter and Torrified Wheat. I've made this before but I can't recall seeing black grains in it. On the other hand it's...
  13. Lurks

    Trub, What Do Do With It, Why Should I Care?

    So we've got these things called hot breaks and cold breaks. These, apparently, are not seasonal holidays nor are they unusual ground-based dancing activities based in the 1980s. Well, I sort of no-chill (cube in a bath) so I don't know about cold break anyway - but you know, we have forums for...
  14. Lurks

    25l Cubes In Melbourne?

    I'm having trouble tracking them down. Two aussie disposals have been sold out and having phoned Ray's Outdoors they had none either. Course there's a lot of those stores... just wondering if anyone knew who had them for sure? Mat.
  15. Lurks

    Tomorrows Brew Day, Some Thoughts

    I can't believe this worked but ... I managed to divert attention from the fact I splashed out on a second fermenter and a 50L stockpot by telling the missus she could choose the next beer. At least I'm still alive anyway. She chose Boddingtons, a Brit bitter she remembers fondly from the pub...
  16. Lurks

    Ag Newbie - Things Learned, Yet To Learn

    Hi there, Being as it's a new year and a bit of a lazy day and I've been lurking for awhile, I thought I'd destealth and type out a bit on my move to all grain. I spent a fair amount reading, including this fine forum obviously. I packed in my job and went back to university so I've not got a...