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  1. mkj

    Thermosiphon boiler

    Anyone seen a thermosiphon in action for boiling+lifting water? Came across these guys who're using one to boil mash water and "pump" it up above the kettle, kind of intriguing. http://www.picobrewery.com/reboiler.html
  2. mkj

    Removing alcohol from a starter

    Maybe this is a crazy idea, but bear with me. Is there any enzyme or similar that can break down alcohol? Wondering if you could put that in a high gravity starter (1.60 OG?) and then you'd end up growing a lot more yeast, but it would stay healthy since the alcohol levels haven't gone too...
  3. mkj

    Where did Achouffe get their yeast from?

    Achouffe brewery has a distinctive yeast but is relatively recent, 1982. Anyone know where they got their yeast from originally? (I assume wyeast weren't selling 3522 back then...)
  4. mkj

    Silicone hose in the compost bin

    Found where my silicone hose went missing last week - into the compost bin with the whirlpool remains. So, can it be saved? Strong boil then bleach maybe...
  5. mkj

    Grow lights

    Has anyone tried grow lights for hops? Supposedly photoperiod is pretty important - I've just ordered some Aliexpress 660nm LEDs, will give it a go shining a few hours a night at my outdoor hops (though it's a bit late this season) Not sure how winter dormancy/spring is determined - soil...
  6. mkj

    60degC sparge

    Anyone played around with cooler-than-75ºC sparge temperatures? Instant hot water here is 60ºC so I'm trying that for this batch. It's after mash-out so shouldn't matter really for enzyme temperatures, and I can't see the viscosity being too different between 60º and 75º. I see...
  7. mkj

    Couple of brewing book PDFs - NOW UNAVAILABLE

    Came across these two books free as PDFs from Springer (the publisher). Look pretty good, fairly detailed. Brewing - Michael J. Lewis, Tom W. Young (2001) - http://link.springer.com/book/10.1007/978-1-4615-0729-1 Brewing Microbiology - Fergus G. Priest, Iain Campbell (2003) -...
  8. mkj

    Thickest water/grain ratio for step infusion

    Looking at a step infusion mash, for protein rest or Hochkurz. What's roughly the thickest viable water/grain ratio for the first infusion step? I assume it just has to be enough to wet all the grain and a bit more to let enzymes move, later steps will add enough extra water for lautering...
  9. mkj

    4 Pines ESB-alike

    I grabbed a bottle of 4 Pines ESB the other day, it'd have to be one of the best beers I've had in a while - rich malty and raisiny, but clean and nicely balanced. They've helpfully got a start of a recipe listed on their website. 5.6% Beginning gravity 13.5 (so ~1.053) End gravity 3...
  10. mkj

    Ice Box In Fermenter Lid

    Has anyone seen something like this: A metal box is attached to the lid, going deep enough to sit in the wort. You put ice bricks in it with some water to help conduction. On my rough calculations 2x 800g ice bricks could cool 20L by ~7 degrees, assuming no losses. Because the cooling is at...
  11. mkj

    White Labs Yeast In Perth?

    Anyone know of a source for White Labs yeasts in Perth? All the usual shops only have Wyeast, but the White Labs vials are so much nicer to use (good for splitting a pack for later). *grumble at bursting a smack pack this evening*