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    Where To Buy Coopers Ginger Beer?

    Hi there Kit and Kilo brewers. The father out-law loves to brew coopers ginger beer, and has been for years. He was basically the push to get me into home brewing. As you are well aware, Coles no longer stocks home brew supplies and he is finding it ever more difficult to source his cans of...
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    From here I must add, kitchen waste doesn't mean just vegetables. It means EVERYTHING (barring plastic etc). That means, bones, prawns, bacon off cuts, onions, potatoes and citrus. Has anyone had any experience with this composting system? The $85 Bokashi Bucket appears to be a fermenter...
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    Adelaide Bjcp Study Group

    Hi there, If you live in near vicinity of Adelaide (or are frequently in Adelaide) and would like to become a BJCP accredited judge, then please join in on the BJCP study group here. Cheers Phil
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    Hops Clogging My Kegs And Taps

    Hi there everyone. I recently kegged a belgian india red ale, which I had dry hopped in the fermenter. Upon racking into the keg, a bit of the hop debris has gotten its way into the keg and now into the beer line and tap. I can only assume that there is more at the bottom of the keg at the...
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    400-500 Litre Brewery

    I have been throwing around the idea of opening up my own brewpub (in 5-6 years though mind you when I turn 30 and the micro scene is much bigger) and I have been thinking about how to build my brewery for this venture. Ideally I would like to buy a 500 litre microbrewery system from canada...
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    Coopers Yeast Cake

    Hi there, I have my farewell bash coming up soon and I need to smash out a batch of easy drinkers for everyone. Was just hoping someone would have a yeast cake of coopers yeast cultured from the bottle - can do it myself, but would rather just use a yeast cake. Cheers and beers Phil
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    Stammtisch Challange

    Hi there everyone, We would like to announce a new challenge and in a way an old challenge. Old challenge as there used to be a challenge held in Adelaide called the Stammtisch Challenge. Some of you may know what they were but to summarise, Stammtisch is german for "regular's table". One...
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    Scaling A Recipe In Beersmith

    Brewing Bob has been brewing for about a year now and is starting to get confident in his recipe formulation. One of his more experienced brewer friends offers him one of his homebrews at a brew club meeting. Brewing Bob likes the caramel flavor that he can taste in the brew. He asks his friend...
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    Reusing Yeast From Dark Beers

    Hi there, Just pitched a stout with some 3711. Now feel like brewing a saison. Always thought there was some rule saying you can't reuse yeast from a dark beer into a light beer. True? Couldn't I just grab a big bottle full of yeast (from the yeast cake), decant off any beer and top with...
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    Brewday Today

    Sorry about the late notice. Anyone in adelaide wanting to join me on a brewday PM me for my address if you don't know where I live. Will be mashing in hopefully in an hour. Cheers Phil
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    Open Fermentation

    So after hearing about Yorkshire squares, seeing the Sierra Nevada Bigfoot fermentation video and reading up about this older style of fermentation I thought I would bring this one up for a bit of discussion. If you are wanting to know a bit more about open fermentation, have a look here: Open...
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    What Will You Be Drinking For The World Cup?

    Have any of you football fans brewed up anything just for the world cup period? I plan on watching a lot of the games, and at times will have mates over to watch them (namelythe Ghana bs Serbia and australia vs Germany night - which works out to be the night before a public holiday) so I've...
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    Having A Break On A Brew Day

    Hi there, I am halfway through the mash of an okky. I was hoping to go to the gym today, but I don't think I will be motivated enough once I have finished the brewday. I want to have a beer once I start chilling, but then I won't be able to go to the gym... Could I finish sparging, bring the...
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    Re-using Yeast From Big Brews

    Brewed an ipa 1.060 with pacman and then used the yeast cake to brew an American barleywine. I have got about 700ml of slurry sitting in the fridge doing nothing. Instead of using my last pacman smack pack, am I able to reuse this yeast for another ipa? How would I treat this yeast to get it...
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    Lagering And No-chilling

    Hi there, I have had a few thoughts regarding conditioning / lagering. This, however, has nothing to do with yeast flocculation. With bolder beers, such as barley wines, stouts etc, where a conditioning/lagering time will help improve the beer, help it smooth out some rough edges etc, or for...
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    Cascade Single Hop Ipa

    Hey there expert brewers... After having a beer from Jayse, his american brown, weighing in at around 7% abv and had 4.2 g/l flame out, I have been wanting to brew something similar. I had the mikkellar single hop nelson sauvin IPA and loved it. So now I want to do an all cascade one. The...
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    Infection Help - Detoxing Whole Brewery

    So I have had a batch of beer that has been infected. Come to think of it, this is actually the second batch and a starter that has had the same infection. The starter was on a stir plate with some 1469 yeast cake, after it fermented out, it got a skin/film on top of it. Thought I just wasn't...
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    Sanke Kegs

    Is there a difference between the two? If so what are the differences and would that hinder the possibility for using the fermenter conversion kit found on brewershardware.com? Cheers Phil
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    Holidays In Tasmania!

    Anything worth seeing beer or non-beer related? Will be there from end of may to start of june, probably about 5 or 6 nights - last two of which will be spent at the cradle mountain lodge... Cheers Phil
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    Forgiving Lager Yeast

    After having brewed lots of beers, I find myself with very little malt left. I basically have enough malt to do one more batch of an ale with MO and a double of ale or lager with pilsner malt. With 4 cubes full and 2 fermenting away with 3 and a half kegs full, I think that I will be able to...