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  1. Proffs

    WTB Beer Pump / Picnic Pump

    Hi guys. A mate of mines got a picnic pump like this It doesn’t have a gas relief valve and can be tricky to dial in. Are they available with a valve? Where should I start looking? TIA
  2. Proffs

    Coopers PET Bottles and glass stubbies giveaway!

    I'm moving house and I've got approx. 45 coopers PET bottles to get rid of. I've also got 3 boxes each filled with 36 green glass 330ml stubbies I got for free from craftbrewer when they moved shop. I'd rather give them away than chuck em in the bin. Located at calamvale, Brissie southside...
  3. Proffs

    Max weight a 20L plastic pail can take

    Trying to keep a long story short; what do you think is the maximum weight the handle can take on a bunnings 20 litre bucket can take? I want to try using it as a ghetto lauter basket for double batch BIAB. I converted a 50l keg into a kettle and without a sparge would not be able to fit a...
  4. Proffs

    Leaking Keg King Bottle Filler Gun

    Hi all. I bought a bottle filler gun yesterday and it leaks CO2 like crazy from both the elbow and where the beer comes out. Any ideas how to fix this or just take it back to the retailer?
  5. Proffs

    Another first go at a Christmas Beer

    I'm attempting my first christmas ale tomorrow and just thought I'd put it out there for critique. It's pretty much just the bconnery's christmoose ale on the DB but I've changed a couple of things. I'm mainly looking to see what people think of the grain bill. Targeting 70% efficiency BIAB (No...
  6. Proffs

    Archive brew day - Holgate Road Trip with Paul Holgate

    So apparently next Tuesday Paul Holgate and Dan Rawlings are gonna be doing a demo brewing Holgates Road Trip in store. Let me just start by saying this is the beer that got me into brewing in the first place. First question: is this for real? I'm I reading this right? Second: who's going to...
  7. Proffs

    Should I use old danstar Nottingham yeast?

    So, I've got two packs of danstar Nottingham ale yeast that I was given for free. Their best by date is 01/2014. Should I pitch both packs into a cube hopped kohatu apa/IPA or should I wait and get some fresh yeast?
  8. Proffs

    Cheap brumby taps

    I'm looking at setting up a keezer this holiday and noticed one of the site sponsors has a tap kit pretty bloody cheap. Much cheaper than other places I've seen. http://connorbreware.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=92_65&product_id=76 Just wondering why that may be and if anyone has...
  9. Proffs

    Toshiba Fridge

    Anybody wanna swap a ball lock keg for my fridge? I've advertised it for $100 ONO. Located at Archerfield.
  10. Proffs

    CheekyPeak Brewery 6.8kg CO2 bottle (Brew Mate)

    Hi guys, I'm looking at setting up a keezer and have been trying to find a cheap gas bottle. Saw these on eBay http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=261237346002&ssPageName=ADME:X:RTQ:AU:1123 $208 plus $34 postage FULL of gas. Anybody got one of these? I think cheekypeak might...
  11. Proffs

    Removal of upright freezer draws

    I'm looking at getting an upright freezer to start kegging but the person selling the freezer said some of the drawers are refrigerated and can't be removed. I havn't had a look myself but was wondering if anyone had come across this before. Cheers Sent from my iPhone using Aussie Home Brewer
  12. Proffs

    Pitch rate US-05

    I've just doughed in my first black IPA. Expecting an OG of around 1.075. I'm using US-05 and from an online calculator I read I would need around 300 billion cells. I'm pretty sure there's only 200 in a normal packet so should I use two packs or just make a little starter?
  13. Proffs

    Breaking in the new rig

    Thanks to Yobs super fast postage I got to test out my new rig today. I did a no chill cube hopped batch. Recipe was: 5kg Marris Otter 1kg Vienna 250g pale crystal 170g Citra (cube hopped) Made to 21L and no chilled. Will pitch tomorrow with US-05. Pics to follow
  14. Proffs

    Grain volume in mash

    So I'm trying to figure out exactly how much volume grain takes up in the mash tun. I've recently got the 38L crab cooker & 104000 BTU burner from rays outdoors. I did some googling and found a rough average of 0.32 quarts of volume per pound of grain. I worked that out to be around 660ml per...
  15. Proffs

    Beersmith 2 Mobile

    Does anybody know if the mobile version of beersmith has a no chill function? Also, I'm using the basic 50 litre pot BIAB, full volume boil, equipment profile and it consistently tells me to add around 2 litres less strike water than I would have thought. For eg, my current recipe, for 23L, has...
  16. Proffs

    The birth of a new brewer!

    My wife gave birth to another little brewer this morning, Hayden Jamie. It all happened at home too! She rang me at work to say she was having contractions, I got home an hour later, just as the ambulance got there and the little fella was head and shoulders out already! A couple of minutes...
  17. Proffs

    Holgate road trip recipe

    I tried a holgate road trip last night and was blown away! I'd only had a couple of IPA's before and thought they were too bitter. The road trip comes on at 65 IBU but I was amazed how balanced it was. Delicious. Anyway, I just started doing partials, in a bag, until I get some bigger...
  18. Proffs

    I got an stc-1000

    Yuss! Got my stc-1000 today. Wired it up and got two fermenters at 18.5*! Just wanted to tell someone who would understand my excitement. :D P.S. I don't know why my photos keep coming up sideways on here...
  19. Proffs

    Cloudy Pale Ale kit

    Hi all, I've been putting down a couple of CPA kits to build up some stock before I start mucking around too much. So far so good but this one looks a bit sus. Glass on left is an actual coopers pale, on right is my brew. Recipe was: CPA can Box of BE2 250g DME 300g dextrose 20g galaxy & 10g...
  20. Proffs

    Refractometer v hydrometer

    So, I put down my 4th brew today and broke my 2nd hydrometer. I'm thinking a cheap refractometer off eBay might be a good idea. Do they both do as good a job as one another?