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  1. Froffies and coffees

    Continuing Jokes Thread

    Worth a watch. Warning coarse language.
  2. Froffies and coffees

    Continuing Jokes Thread

    Sofa so good?
  3. Froffies and coffees

    Advice for 1st recipe please

    +2 Keep your recipes simple and execute the basics well. More ingredients doesn’t equal better beer. Put more thought into your minerals, pH, ferment temp and yeast and the results will speak for themselves. Have fun and learn from each brew. Welcome to AG.
  4. Froffies and coffees

    Anyone using/used Novazyme Ondea Pro?

    Hi all Trying to track down a supplier for Ondea Pro by Novazyme to use in a raw barley brew. Brewtique can supply me 25L for $1,500 with a lead time of approx 8 weeks as it comes from Netherlands. I’m in WA which I know stands for “wait a while” but was hoping for an Aussie importer selling...
  5. Froffies and coffees

    C02 bulbs,where to buy ?

    Hey hangover Don’t even waste your time with small party charges and soda streams. Just hit up your local gas supplier. I got a d size (6kg) food grade co2 bottle for $80 and it lasted me 12 months. That includes carbing and serving. Do it!