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  1. johnno

    Brew gear for sale

    Hey brewers, Due to life circumstances I no longer brew so I have a few things I want to get rid of. First of I have this grain mill. I believe it is a Crankandstein with the hardened steel rollers. As you can see it has some rust on the rollers. I don't know how that happened as it has always...
  2. johnno

    Free Fridge

    Pickup in Hoppers Crossing. It is not mine. Pm me for details of the bloke giving it away. cheers johnno
  3. johnno

    Free Bottles

    I've got six dozen crown seal bottles if anyone wants them. Otherwise they are going to the tip. They need a clean but will scrub up ok. Pickup in Werribee. cheers johnno
  4. johnno

    Free Fridge

    I have a free fridge if anyone wants it. It is a smaller one and fits a fermenter easily. I haven't used it since last summer but I just plugged it in and it is still working. Pickup in Werribee. cheers johnno
  5. johnno

    Michael Jackson Book

    Heads up for Melbourne brewers. The Michael Jackson book, "Great Beer Guide, 500 classic brews" is for sale at Arthur Daleys in Swanston St for only $5. There are quire a few copies there at the moment. cheers johnno
  6. johnno

    Lazy.smoker And A Beer Drinker?

    Well there is no need to worry anymore. All is well :lol: http://www.theage.com.au/national/lazy-smo...80916-4i03.html cheers johnno
  7. johnno

    Fridge For Sale

    A friend has a good fridge in working order for sale. It is one of the ones with the freezer down the bottom. Good for fermenting or kegging. Asking price is $40. You will need to pick it up next Wednesday. That is the only day available for pickup. Pickupp is in Thornbury. PM me if you are...
  8. johnno

    Golden Pils "special Beer"

    Due to my extreme can't be bothered laziness I have not been brewing and have run out of beer. I saw this in the local bottlo and grabbed a slab to try. At $27 I thought the price is right. Unfortunately I have a head cold and cannot really smel and taste well but it I can taste the malt in...
  9. johnno

    Free Malted Barley

    I have an oversupply at the moment and would rather give it away than feed the local birds. I have about 20-25 kg of ale and there is about 3-4 kg of melanoidin(probably weyermann). You will need to bring your own container/sack as I need the one it is in now. Pick up in Werribee. First in...
  10. johnno

    Free Fridge North Sydney

    There is a free fridge available in Nth Sydney of anyone is interested. All I know at the moment is that it is 10 years old and "standad size". PM if you are interested. cheers johnno
  11. johnno


    mmmmmmmm........burgers One of my favourites. Especially home made ones where you can make them as you like. Whilst I do love beetroot I feel it has no place in a burger. Here is a piccy of what we had for tea tonight. Forgot the onion :( , I dont mind raw or grilled in a burger. Post your...
  12. johnno

    Help Me Out

    Anyone in the Werribee hoppers area with a ute or towbar and trailer that can help me out to pickup a fridge from Thornbury area this weekend? I can pay you with a bag of BB ale malt if anyone can help. May even be a second fridge available. EDIT: Iican also brew a few AG's and put in a cube...
  13. johnno

    Free Por Rhizomes

    I was cleaning up the POR today and got a few good rhizomes. I am too lazy to put a pic up now, maybe later or tomorrow. If you want them PM me. I will not post them anywhere as there are very fresh and fragile. Pickup in Werribbe for anyone intertested. cheers johnno
  14. johnno

    Will My Starter Wort Be Ok?

    I brewed an English Special last Sunday which is now in a cube awaiting it's fate. When I made the recipe up I upped it a bit so I could have about 4-5 litres left at the end to use for future starters. I filled the cube and ran the remaing wort into a 6 litre SS pot. I place the pot into one...
  15. johnno

    Melbourne Bulk Hops Buy

    If there is enough interest I can get the following hops. 2007 crop. All Australian product. Millennium Clusters Saaz Cascade Hallertau POR Superpride Price will be about $30kg give or take a couple of $ landed in Melbourne (to be confirmed). The catch is that I can only get 5kg packs. So if...
  16. johnno

    King Browns For Sale

    I have 24 King brown bottles for sale. I want $24 for them. Pick up in Werribee. If you are intertesed PM me. cheers johnno
  17. johnno

    Need Dry Yeast

    Anyone in or around the Weribee area on here who has a spare satchel of decent dry yeast? My starter was put on too late and I really need to get it fermenting. Can swap for some grain if you like. I have BB wheat, BB ale, Powells Pils and Powells wheat. cheers johnno
  18. johnno

    Another Reason To Have One More Beer

    Pot or tot could be the medicine for longer life BEER-LOVING blokes of the world, rejoice three pots a day could put you at far less risk of a heart attack than staying teetotal. A new study, confirming what many experts have been telling us for years, suggests that not only is a daily...
  19. johnno

    Free Por Hops Rootstock. Melb Only

    I have these left over from when I transplanted my PoR a couple of weeks ago. Nothing growing on them yet but I beleive with a bit of lovely love they should shoot up. Anyone interested in Melbourne, let me know and they ae yours for free. cheers johnno
  20. johnno

    Saaz Ale Recipe Help

    Hi all, Due to Thirsty Boy's generous contribution for a hop swap I have about 200 grams of Saaz I would like to use in a ale recipe next weekend. Barfridge suggested a Belgian strong ale and I have some 1762 that I could use. A lager is not feasible for me at the moment as I just want to use...