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    WANTED: BIG ASS Fridge + cubes BRIS

    Hi Gents I just expanded my brew operation with the boys in my share house to about 150lt But we are fast running out of fridge space for cubes (actually my fermenting fridge holds 3 cubes so we ran out of space in 1 brew) So i'm looking for something like either of these for cheap as chips...
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    WTB: 2 or 3 roller mill

    Hi Brewers about to buy a mill but have been overspending a bit lately so was hoping someone around brissy had a grain mill they wanted to get rid of. Would prefer a 3 roller but 2 is fine :) Let me know can pick up pretty much anywhere in SEQ or am happy to pay for post potentially. Cheers
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    WtB: Brissy - Looking for gear for new 2V setup (Rims Tube/Stock pots/

    Hi peeps Im looking for some things for a new build i'm planning. (2v RIMS/enhanced brutus 20) Need the following to keep the troops going and am on student budget -2x 80-150lt SS stock pots (hopefully one with a falsey) -A nice pump for recirc of an 80-100lt mash -a rims tube 2400-3600w...
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    WTB: Corny kegs and fittings bris

    Hi guys looking for 2 19lt kegs and a set of fittings/line/regulator/dispenser Looking for a cost effective setup nothing too fancy Let me know if you can help out
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    Wtb: 3/4" silicon hose

    Hi guys I stupidly bought a heap of 20mm camlock fittings and now I can't find a source for any thermostable tubing. Everywhere only seems to have 1/2" silicon. So if anyone has a bit of 3/4 would love it way to keen to wait for China :/ Let us know!
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    WTB: Brauduino 2.1 pcb or simmilar

    Hi guys Looking for a PCB for Brauduino seems like 2.1 is the one to go with. Dont really want to buy a kit as I have all the components already that I can pull from a million other projects around my house :) But let me know what you have, mite be interested in an enclosure and a heat sink too...
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    The All Natrual Brew

    hello i was on grumpys this morning and i bourt some Wuerttemberger ho ryzomes im going to grow every thing for a brew,yeast ,barley and hops(alredy got them) so wat do u think and where do i get the stuff to make yeast and barley and will i need enything special :huh: :huh: k hope u reply...
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    Brew Enchanter

    hello all i was in my brew shop today an noticed coopers brew enchanter #1 and enchanter #2 what r thay and wat do i do with them i also wanna no wat light dry malt extract is coz i cant find just plain malt extract thay wer sold out so is it carp or usabal thanks and please reply...
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    Z Filter

    dose any one hav a link to or no how to make a z filter i dont want to spend 70 bucks on 1 please reply
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    i was wondering where i could get a still that didnt need electricity that i just put on my stove enyone no
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    Filtering Spirits

    hi everybody i was just wondering weather on not i need to filter spirits like is it a sterilization thing or is it just for tast drink up :chug: :chug: :chug: :chug: :chug: :chug: :chug:
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    Alternetivs To Beer

    i was just wondering wat els i can brew other than spirits beer and wine and ive herd you can brew cola how dose one do this if any one has any ideas pleas reply thanks in advance :D :D :D :D :D cheers :chug: :chug: :chug: :chug:
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    ok dudes i was just wondering wat is the best brand of cider to use or is it better to make your own cool hope you reply :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D