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  1. SnailAle

    Cider questions

    G'day guys, Couple of hopefully quick apple cider questions. I recently got a press and was real keen to use some of my mates apples to create a cider. I assumed it would be as straight forward as replacing the mangrove jack apple concentrate water mix with real apple juice. I was at a home...
  2. SnailAle

    Sparkling ale yeast

    G'day guys, Been going through a crazy year, did up the old house and sold it, bought a new house and doing it up, had a baby and the list goes on. So I'm finally getting a chance to brew my first beer of the year, got 3 lined up and had a question about my sparkling. I'm using danstar...
  3. SnailAle

    Which beersmith?

    Tossing up whether it's worth jumping from the once off basic setup of beersmith to the gold. If the gold was a once off it'd be a no brainer but $50 a year seems steep. Old me I ouldn't care but with two mortgages and a baby very near I just don't have money to be shovelling out like I used to...
  4. SnailAle

    Condensed brews

    My brewing "partner" finally joined me for his first brew a week ago. All he has done since is complain that the amount of effort for the volume of beer we get out of our 30 litre guten isn't worth the effort. I obviously see differently but that's besides the point. I have been wondering...
  5. SnailAle

    Beer can chicken

    Did a beer can chicken tonight, good eats!
  6. SnailAle

    Proof my saison and sparkling recipe please

    Gday guys Just wondering if anyone would be willing to sanity check my recipes. I found it very useful for my pale and blonde I did recently getting help from you lads. The sparkling is my old man's favourite beer and it's kind of our thing when I visit the farm to down a couple of long necks...
  7. SnailAle

    What's going on with my ferment?

    Pitched us05 into this pale yesterday at around 3pm checked it now and this is what it looks like. Any ideas? It's sitting at around 21 degrees. Should I wait longer, repitch over the top or turf It?
  8. SnailAle

    Film on cider?

    Gday all, I brewed a mangrove jacks cider a couple months back. One thing I've noticed is that when poured the cider has an oily film on top. At first I thought it was a dirty glass but it's been consistent through the whole batch. Still tastes fine. Any ideas what's causing it? I'm planning...
  9. SnailAle

    Does this AG APA recipe make sense?

    So I've been fiddling around trying to make my first recipe and I'm wondering if this attempt makes sense to people? I'd be planning on a single step mash at 66 for one hour followed by a 1 hr boil. Appreciate any help.
  10. SnailAle

    Which online brew site is best?

    I'm looking at getting a bit more particular with my brewing and think one of the online sites would be beneficial for that. The main two I hear about are beersmith and brewers friend. What are the pros and cons of these in people's experience? Are there any others worth checking out? Cheers
  11. SnailAle

    Whirlpool and flameout hop question

    First up apologies for asking what's probably already here, it's just become one of those things that the more I read the more confused I am. I'm still very new to brewing and there's just a couple of things that I'm confused by. Firstly, I've been seeing whirlpool come up a lot in recipes...
  12. SnailAle

    From the Bush

    My version of brew food is heavily weighted towards game meat. This is always a crowd pleaser when the boys are over for a beer. Venison Philly cheese steak.
  13. SnailAle

    2018 Stout/porter brewing

    Gday all, Just wondering, if I want a nice stout/ porter for next winter should I be brewing it soon to give it 6-8 months to age in the bottle? Cheers
  14. SnailAle

    No rinse sanitizer

    Sorry for the barrage of questions guys, I'm trying to find this information without starting new threads but some of it is hard to find the answer I'm looking for. I diluted and used the no rinse sanitizer to clean my bottles for the first batch and afterwards actually read the warnings on...
  15. SnailAle

    Beer syphon

    My first beer is ready to siphon into a bucket then into bottles and I don't have a siphon. I'm ansy to get it going! Would this cordless drill powered one work just as well as the beer siphon provided it's sanitized? https://www.bunnings.com.au/gfb-6mm-drill-powered-pump_p6321494
  16. SnailAle

    Low OG question

    Gday all, I just finished doing a wheat beer today and the OG is under the estimated. It's meant to be 1050 but it's closer to 1038. I don't know exactly what I did, I think I had to much mash water to start and when I sparged I was hesitant to put too much in, maybe that? Anyway, I kind...
  17. SnailAle

    Sludge in all grain

    Gday guys, Apologies if this is the wrong place but I my first AG on the weekend through my guten and noticed one thing that I wasn't sure about. By the end of the run the bottom of the mash tun had a layer of sludge in it. Some of this also made it's way into the fermenter. Not sure what it...
  18. SnailAle

    Yeast failure?

    Gday all, Think I had a failed yeast tonight? It's My first attempt at a beer/all grain. Not really sure what's gone wrong. I tried a drsmurtos golden ale for my first crack, everything seemed to be going well until I pitched the yeast. I pitched and checked maybe half an hour later and it...
  19. SnailAle

    First all grain beer help

    Gday guys, I just bought myself a guten mash tun and want to do my first AG beer, mind you I've never made a beer before. Can anyone recommend or better yet direct me to a good first beer recipe to try? I have no idea what's easy or hard but I do enjoy pales, IPA, Irish red ales, porters...
  20. SnailAle

    Gday from Vic

    Gday gents, I'm a man of simple taste, I enjoy Hunting, fishing, cooking, sport and a few beers. I hadn't considered home brewing seriously until recently. I think mostly due to the fact that whenever I've been handed a homebrew stubbie by a mate it's tasted like carbonated dirty water...