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    My Extract Brew Method - please criticise

    Hi guys, I have been an AGer for about 11 years now, but with 2 young kids, I now struggle for time. I’ve been doing some Extract so I can do it on a week night once kids are asleep, with decent results. I would like to get your take on my method, and if there are any issues, as it’s different...
  2. A3k

    What to make with this spare cube

    Hi guys, I've cubed a double batch, with the aim to make one batch a belgian dubbel, BUT i'm not sure what to make with the second cube. My current thoughts are: Schwartzbier - water down to 1.050, add some hallertauer, use a lager yeast Black IPA - Mini boil with some US hops and add US05...
  3. A3k

    Lager Incremental cube feeding

    Hi guys, I just cubed a double batch (2 cubes) of Vienna lager and will be pitching 2124. To save hassle, I'd like to pitch enough yeast for one cube, then part way through ferment, add the second cube. The thought is that the yeast will multiply early in the ferment so there's enough yeast for...
  4. A3k

    Belgian Candi Syrup. D-180, D-90, D45

    Hi guys, I’ve been brewing a few Belgian Dubbels lately, and am considering Quads and considering making some lighter alcohol versions with similar characteristics to the Dubbels and Quads. So far I’ve used the candi syrup that’s available from many homebrew shops around...
  5. A3k

    Getting Rid Of 2 Italian Spiral Frame

    Hi guys, I bought 2 italian spiral burners a while ago and mounted them in a frame. I have no need for the frames, so they're up for grabs. if anyone wants one or two (FREE), PM me. There's a little bit of rust on them cos they've been outside. See pic attached. thanks, Al
  6. A3k

    Cleaning New Ss Fittings

    Hi fellas, i just got a heap of new stainless steel fittings from overseas. they're a bit filthy, and have what i assume is cutting fluid inside. anyone know what the best way to clean these are? can i just soak in napisan or do i need to use detergent first? thanks Al
  7. A3k

    Starter Fg At 1014

    Hi Guys, I just created a 2lt starter from some slurry of WY1272 (American Ale II). The starters were made using 200gm dry malt and made to 2lt (beersmith says thisll be around 1.038). Also added a teaspoon of nutrient. I didnt measure OG. The starter fermented out quick on the stirplate...
  8. A3k

    European Faucets

    Hi guys, I'm going to be upgrading my kegorator setup. I'm looking at buying from chicompany and am tossing up between the Perlick taps and the European Faucet that can be found here. So I'm going to be getting 4-6 perlick or european faucets. Does anyone have any experience with these...
  9. A3k

    Quick No Chill Apa Feedback

    Hi all, i'm going to be making a No Chill APA this afternoon. Whilst i've always No Chilled, i've been usually had most of my bittering from the 60min addition, and recently have been doing mini boils to get the flavour. tonight i'm making an APA for me and a mate. to simplify it for him, i...
  10. A3k

    New 100lt Kettle

    Hey guys, I managed to find this 100Lt Aluminium Stock Pot for $90 as Hills clearance shop (only had one). I wasn't planning on increasing batch size for a while, but couldn't pass this up. Good reason to completely revamp my brewery. They had lots of cheap scrap metal too, so might make up a...
  11. A3k


    Hey guys, probably not news worth mentioning, but i've just come home drunk and felt like telling someone. i made a 2L starter of Wyeast 2000 a week or two ago, put it in the fridge to decant, and was about to make the 2nd 2L starter to get up to size. i brewed the lager starter in the mid to...
  12. A3k

    French Saison 3711

    Hi fellas, Yesterday i made my first Saidon shown at the bottom of the post (based on brewing classic beers) After NC, i just pitched the French Saison Yeast WY 3711 half an our ago at 20C. I've searched this yeast, but couldn't find much on it. Does anyone have much experience with it and tell...
  13. A3k

    Blonde Ale (6b)

    Hi guys, Im going to be making a Blonde Ale (6B) soon. The Malt is all ready, crushed and mixed, so that cant change (unless I feel like adding rice to up the OG). What does everyone think about the hopping. Is it too complex for a blonde, I wouldnt mind adding a 5 or 10 min addition as well...
  14. A3k

    Old Fuggles

    Hi guys I usually do AG, but have decided to make my old man a KnK. As BrewCraft is around the corner from work, I decided to go there in my lunch break and now remember why they get such a bad rap on AHB. I decided on a batch of chocolate Redwood Ale that comes with what Brewcraft say...
  15. A3k


    Hey guys and girls, I managed to get my hands on some WY1469 Gen 0 thanks to boiler boy, which is a favorite of many, and now unavailable. I made a decent starter, then made a bitter out of it. The beer took off like crazy and the krausen overflowed. (I used gladwrap, so was all good)...
  16. A3k

    Fement At 6c

    Hi All, I put an Oktoberfest onto another yeast cake of my last Munich Helles (WYeast 2633). At first the temp was about 14, so I quickly tried to get it down as a Hydro sample I took started bubbling really quick, and I didnt want any ale flavours. In doing this, the beer got down to about 6...
  17. A3k

    Munich Helles Yeast

    Hi guys, I'm about to make my second beer from Brewing Classic Styles. I'm thinking about going the Munich Helles. I currently have 6 slants of Budvar WY2000 in my fridge (if anyone wants one) and was wondering if that would be too out of style. The recipe calls for Munich Lager 2308. Would the...
  18. A3k

    Brewing Classic Styles

    Okay fellas, My sister asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I told her the book Brewing Classic Syles thinking it was full of All grain recipes. Unfortunately it doesnt have any, all extract brews. Ive read the start about yeast malt and hops which was okay, but Im just wondering if its...
  19. A3k

    Water Chem Additions In Adelaide

    Hi all, Im starting to make pilsners etc. My last beer was a pilsner about to start lagering (6kg pils, 50g acid malt). My next one is probably going to be a CAP. Up until now I havent been messing with water chemistry yet, but Im wondering if I should with these light coloured beers to prevent...
  20. A3k

    5day Lager Ferment

    Hi Lads and Ladettes, I posted this this morning, but was off topic for the thread where I posted it so decided to start a new thread. I just used the Wyeast 2000 Budvar Lager in an AG Czech Pilsener. I pitched a big starter for me, started with 500ml then 2L, then decanted the wort and did...