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  1. grimpanda

    Matho's controller

    Unless something has changed since I built mine, you should have a 12v power supply for the controller. I'm guessing 5v from the USB isn't supplying enough juice.
  2. grimpanda

    Matho's controller

    Hey y'all. I've got an original Matho's/Lael's controller that has been running great with the original Brauduino software, and thought I would upgrade to ArdBir take advantage of the newer features like delayed start. I've just flashed my Uno to ArdBir 2.8.3 but am having issues on the Setup...
  3. grimpanda

    My braumeister clone build

    Hey Mick, I think what Wide Eyed was asking is whether the output of the pump (water/wort) flows out from below the bottom filter. From your photos it looks like the wort travels up the central 1/2" bsp pipe, which is going up through the malt pipe and bypassing the majority of where your...
  4. grimpanda

    BrauWhirlio - Braumeister clone with whirlpool

    Very tidy, especially the new top filter/malt pipe clamp. Couple of questions - how is your bottom filter held in place? And how are you draining the wort to your fermenter? I can't see any sort of outlet/ball valve, but I might just be overlooking the obvious... Cheers, Gabe
  5. grimpanda

    Husky's New 3V Brewery

    Sweet jesus. You certainly don't do things by halves... Where did you get the vessels made? It's a bit hard to tell from the pics, but it looks like the welds on the inside between the cylinder and the base are just tigged and cleaned? Any worries about there being crevices for bacteria and...
  6. grimpanda

    Taller 50L stock pots?

    Needs to be flat-bottomed for a Braumeister type single vessel system, otherwise a keg would be perfect...
  7. grimpanda

    Taller 50L stock pots?

    Does anyone have a lead on a 50L stockpot with taller than standard dimensions? Everything I've come across is 40x40cm. Ideal size would be 35x50cm for ~50L volume. I've been quoted $355 for a 35x50cm 316L 1.5mm SS cylinder with a base welded on by a local steelworker. No radius on the bottom...
  8. grimpanda

    Q: 60/40 wheat mash - after 2 hours iodine test not good, what to do?

    I'm assuming you're using malted, and not unmalted/raw wheat? I've experienced this too on the odd occasion - just the faintest amount of purpley-black inkyness when testing with iodine that fades away to a dark red. I usually just use one drop of iodine on a sample of wort (less than 5mls) on...
  9. grimpanda

    Berliner Weisse

    Gav80, Kegging and conditioning at cellar temp would be effectively the same as bottle ageing. I can't imagine sitting it on the yeast for that long would be a good thing. Lactobacillus is anaerobic anyway, so keeping it under CO2 won't slow the souring, and will help stave off acetobacter etc...
  10. grimpanda

    Introducing Brewton

    Hey Angus, Good progress on the project. How are you finding the 2400w element that you bought? No issues with scorching wort etc I take it? Do you know what the total length of the element is? Cheers, Gabe
  11. grimpanda

    Matho's controller

    Thanks Steve. I've got another one... The wiring diagram in your PDF indicates that the live AC for a 240v pump setup is switched directly by the shield... is that the case, or have I misinterpreted? In either case, is it possible to run 12v DC to the pump switching input terminal (on the...
  12. grimpanda

    Matho's controller

    Hi guys, Question for Matho or anyone else who might know the answer... If i'm planning on using a 240v pump, do I still need a 2A 12v DC power supply, or will a smaller one (say 1.3A) suffice? Cheers, Gabe
  13. grimpanda

    Matho's controller

    Hi Matho & other contributors, I've been following this project with keen interest for some time now and have reached the point where I want to delve deeper into the rabbit hole... One thing I'm not clear on is whether there are any kits being produced, or PCB's for sale, or if I'll need to...
  14. grimpanda

    2012 Hop Plantations

    Thanks! It is indeed tranquil - being on the edge of state forest in the middle of nowhere has it's advantages at times. I had completely forgotten about that - very honest of you to remind me! PM on the way :)
  15. grimpanda

    2012 Hop Plantations

    Dug up my 2-year old Hallertauer rhizomes, since I don't tend to use the hops all that much and my new Cascade did so well this season... Confirmed my fear of what might happen if I had planted them straight in the ground instead of in pots (actually, perforated stainless steel washing machine...
  16. grimpanda

    Better bottle fermenters

    I've got a couple of the 23L ones. They are expensive, yes. The positives: impermeability, smooth internal surface (which leaves no places for bacteria to hide, and helps with cleaning), being clear (which helps with checking for signs of fermentation or clarification) - basically, all of the...
  17. grimpanda

    Cutting kegs, what's needed, is it dangerous?

    Most of it has already been covered by others (i.e: use a thin grinder disc for cutting, low speed, lots of pressure and plenty of lubrication for drilling), but one thing worth mentioning is that if you use any tools that are made of ordinary steel (or tools that have been used to work on...
  18. grimpanda

    Introducing Brewton

    Shaping up nicely Angus. Did you buy the Chugger pump direct from the manufacturer? If so was it a custom order? The only 230v pump I can see from them has a centre inlet. Cheers, Gabe
  19. grimpanda

    FS - 540g Diemen gas bottle + 3 Sodastreams

    No worries. Was after one as a backup bottle for when my main one runs out... for me refilling it involves a minimum of 2 hours drive :\
  20. grimpanda

    FS - 540g Diemen gas bottle + 3 Sodastreams

    Has the Diemen bottle sold?