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    Favourite And Cheapest Bottle Shops

    I was wondering what the best and cheapest bottle shops around are, and in particular if there's anywhere better in Adelaide than my local favourite, the BWS on Kensington Rd in Rose Park. They have the best range of imported beer that I've come across in Adelaide with mostly better prices than...
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    Styles To Brew Without A Fridge

    I wanna do a brew this weekend and don't have a fridge for fermentors yet, so the temperature will range from around 21 to 24C during fermentation. Obviously I'll be brewing an ale of some sort, but I was wondering what the best styles are to brew like this other than stout (not that I've got...
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    Big Ups To The Homebrew Massive

    After posting a half-drunken, shit-stir topic in the Off Topic forum the other night which seems to have now been deleted (I didn't think it seemed that offensive and was only joking around), I thought I'd make up for it by posting an arse-kissing topic. Since finding this site (thanks to...
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    Brewing With Rainwater From Concrete Tanks

    Does anyone know if there's anything to be wary of with using rainwater from concrete tanks for brewing (apart from the obvious like clean gutters and tank)? Any info or advice much appreciated.
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    Intermediate To Advanced Brewing Books

    I've got a copy of How to Brew and am keen to learn more (even though a lot of the more technical stuff in HtB has gone a bit over my head at this stage, but I'll still have it there for reference if needed). I was originally looking at getting Designing Great Beers, but had Radical Brewing and...
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    Sterilising Bottle Caps

    I've been reading How to Brew and noticed Palmer reccomends sterilising bottle caps before bottling, and this is something I've never done in my short brewing career. How important is this? Until now I'd just assumed that since they were coming fresh out of a sealed bag that they'd be sanitary...
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    Secondary Fermentors: What Are The Best?

    Hi folks. I'm a bit of a noob to homebrewing and have only done a few brews so far with hopped and unhopped extracts and pre-prepared recipe packs. I'm loving the hobby though, and am already thinking about getting an all grain set up worked out sometime soon. Anyway, I recently learnt that it...