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    Can U Rack Too Soon.. Or Too Late?

    I agree with the yes but as a general rule for ales, 1 week in the primary, 2 weeks in the secondary and then bottle. Bigger beers require up to 2 weeks in the primary and a month in the secondary.
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    Special B Malt

    Never really found anything that comes close to Special B. Its VERY unique to say the least. As little as 50 g can make a huge difference in you beer. It has a burnt caramel almost treacle quality to it. I love the stuff but its potent. My advice would be to use a dark crystal along with a...
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    Water Filtering

    Let me say this...ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS filter your water if its chloronated!!!!!!!!!!!! Most of the water treatment plants dont use chlorine gas to chloronate water anymore. They have switched to chemicals called chloramines. These little monkeys do the same job as chlorine but cant wipe out...
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    Wasabi, Its really hard to do a koelsch without a mash however I do have quite a good extract recipe. Here goes: 250g German Light Munich extract 2kg Muntons Dry Extra Light .5kg Muntons Dry Wheat 30g Tettnanger (Pellets, 4 %AA) boiled 60 minutes. 15g Tettnanger (Pellets, 4 %AA) boiled...
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    Dry Hopping

    I never make a tea of the hops and I never filter. For my IPA I dry hop 50L with about .5kg of Cascade hops....just jam then into the secondary. You get a little more sediment on the bottom of the bottle but it seems to give the beer a much better flavor and aroma profile than when you filter...
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    Confessions Of An Ale Brewer

    No worries. Lagers are usually slow and constant and should take about 7-10 days in the primary whereas ales go much faster. Its all because of the temperature. Make sure you raise the temp to about 16C for 2-3 days for a diacetyl rest and then drop the temp down to about 1-2C for about 1...
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    Mountain Goat High Tail Ale

    I would do the following: Add .5kg light crystal Add 30g chocolate malt I really like hallertauer hops but they just do go well in pale ales. Change the hallertauer to fuggel or EKG for an UK pale ale or centennial or cascade for a US pale ale.
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    Commercial 'bock' Varieties?

    Aass dark lager (Norwegian) Einbecker Ur-Bock
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    Steam Beer

    Wow that recipe is craptastic!!!!! Remember that a steam beer was basically just a lager fermented at ale temps. Firstly take out the barley, oats and wheat. Easy Steam Beer Recipe: All-grain 4kg Pilsner malt .5kg light crystal Extract 3.5kg LME .5kg light crystal Hops 30g N Brewer 60min...
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    Grain Help

    These are the grains that you must mash: Pils Ale Munich Wheat flaked Barley These are the ones you can steep: CarraMunich 1 - IS a crystal; provides the color for most german 'fest' biers carraMunich 2 - darker that CarraMunich 1 but same grain Choc roasted Baley Crush all grains always...
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    little creatures pale ale

    Dont use Chinook hops if you can help it. They are quite funky and not very pleasant. Use Centennial instead. They have a REALLY nice bitter-sweet citrusy, piney thing going on and are awsome for any US pale ale or US IPA.
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    Pilsner Urquell Clone

    Moravia was the old name for the region around Plzen which is now in the Czech Republic. The barley that comes from that region (moravian malt) was notorious for being undermodified. With the undermodified malt and the near distilled water it was necessary to do a triple decoction mash which...
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    Pilsner Urquell Clone

    Ill clear this up. So first wort hopping is putting your hops in just after you sparge your grain. This means that hops will be in the wort before it even begins to boil. So for extract, its the same thing. The steep is your guys mash so when you add the steep water to your kettle you add...
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    Pilsner Urquell Clone

    I made this one in a 200L batch with my brew club. I had to convert it to metric but it should be the same. Ive included an all-grain and extract: All-Grain 4.5kg Moravian barley or 3.5kg Extra Light Liquid Extract 200g Carapils 200g 20L Crystal Hops 25g Northern Brewer - First wort 18g...
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    Bottle conditioned vs. Keg Filled There are very few styles that I will bottle condition. The problem with bottle conditioning is that the beer with continue to change over time. The yeast consume sugars and produce by-products other than alcohol. So I will keg and force carbonate nearly all...
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    So What Have You Go Brewin?

    I just brewed 200L (yes 200L, we have a big club own brew system) of Bohemian Pilsner about a 2 months ago and is going to be tapped this weekend. I have a robust porter that Im going to rack onto 45g Ghiradelli Unsweetened cocoa and maybe throw some bourbon in with it...ummm...chocholate...
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    Cold/hot Break Advice

    Some hot will always get into the brew...no worries just leave as much behind as possible. Yeah whirlpool at the end and let sit 15 min, covered or uncovered, as long as nothing is going to fall in. Chill first then drain off. Dont worry about the sieve, all the trub will get leftover when...
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    Cold/hot Break Advice

    You steep at 70C because that temp is high enough to get all the sugars out but low enough not to get the polyphenols from the husks which produce the astringency. Dont add the malt extract to the steep. Let the grains steep for an hour, pull out the grain bag and boil. 10 min after boil...
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    10 Most Important Things To Make Better Beer!

    1. Taking Notes You will be suprised by how many people dont take notes. The best brewers I know do though. They write down absolutley everything they do, addition times, temperatures, volumes etc. This makes sure that if there is something particularly wrong/ right with the beer then can...
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    Cold/hot Break Advice

    Easy to fix the astringency. DONT steep the grains overnight!!! 1 hour at 70C is fine then you can brew. When you leave grains in water to long, to much water or to hot of water polyphenols will be leeched out of the grain husks. Thats what gives the astringency. Stop doing the overnight...