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  1. archimedes24

    Good Heavens...what Have I Done?!?

    I'm sorry to add another, "What should I do guys" e-mail...but I'm a bit worried about this last batch. Coopers Canadian Blond Kit .5kg LME .5kg Dextrose Safale s-04 yeast. Dissolved fermentables into boiling water in a pot. Added kit. Mixed well. Poured all into (what I thought was) a thrice...
  2. archimedes24

    Yeast Recommendation For Canadian Blond?

    I want to get a decent yeast for my next batch of brew. Going to make a Coopers Canadian Blond kit tomorrow. Can anyone recommend a good yeast (Brand, liquid or dry, style<ale, lager, etc.>) for this? I don't want to use the stuff under the lid... <_< For my fermentables, I'm planning on using...
  3. archimedes24

    Mega Store Price Comparisons

    My tiny dinosaur brain couldn't remember who was cheapest for what kits & ingredients. As I'm a lowly kit brewer, and prefer all things Cooper, I did some Coopers biased market research @ a big mall near work (E. Melbourne). Prices were gathered today... (16Sept05) Pardon my craptacular ASCII...
  4. archimedes24

    Kits @ Lhbs Past Expiry Date

    So, I rock up to the LHBS for some bits and pieces for my next brew. Bloke behind the counter is very patient, we chat for a good 20 minutes or so. I start poking around the shelves and shelves of extract kits (drool...I never knew there were so many!) and notice a big Sale sign. You beauty...
  5. archimedes24

    Cincinatti Pale Ale

    Just curious if anyone has tried the Cincinatti Pale Ale recipe that can be found in Chapter 1 of howtobrew.com... Recipe Cincinnati Pale Ale Ingredients for a 5 gallon batch 3-4 lb. Pale malt extract syrup, unhopped 2 lb. Amber dry malt extract 12 AAU of bittering hops (any variety) For...